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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 41: The Seventh Part of Pirate's Homeworld

Updated on November 24, 2007

Transit Station 4-B

This train will take you to another section, where there is a save station nearby. Might want to save there. The other way goes to a hallway, and then past a door.

Phazon Quarry

There are some bad guys in the room, so you might want to take them out with some Phazon.

After that, there is a control panel at the end of a nearby hallway. Activate it, and it will bring a drill into play. Touch one side and it will drill quite a big hole. Touch the other side and a smaller drill will make a smaller area. You shouldn’t be able to operate the drill after that. If you go to the smaller area, you’ll get a missile expansion pack. Going to the big area will get you a half pipe that you will need to morph ball and boost to get to the door at the top. Take the doorway out.

Mine Lift

This room will have a doorway, but you will have to grapple grab it to make it an open doorway. From there, take out the two bad Crawltanks who show up, so you had better destroy them. There is a Magnetic rail going up, so take it. On each side are some places you will need to go, then use boost to power up the generators. When you have powered both of them up, the floor falls in, and so do you, fortunately, there is a doorway nearby.

Phazon Harvesting

There is a ship floating here that is extremely deadly. It can’t really be killed, but it can be stunned. Go into hypermode and use a hypermissile, and that will buy you enough time to head up the path to the next door.

Drill Shaft 1

In this room you will need to jump to the green ledges. Unfortunately, High frequency beams above you try to stop you. You need to wait until the beams subside, then you should space jump to them. Take the next doorway out.

Main Cavern

In this room, you will find a handpad that will operate an elevator. Use it and be prepared for some action! This room is very tricky. There are three bad guys in it, and what you need to do is overload the thing in the center of the room. The problem is that can only be done with a body of one of the bad guys.

So what you need to do is kill off two of the bad guys. Now, they are hard to kill, and you should use Phazon sparingly. Leave one alive, because when the poles come down, everything gets sucked toward the center of the room. The bad guys will try and hold themselves down, so keep shooting at the last bad guy, and he will eventually let go and get sucked into the machine.

The machine will then display these red holograms, and they must be shot out. Shooting one out causes the whole process to repeat itself, resulting in more bad guys coming into the room as the poles go up. You can use the poles to hide behind and then just keep shooting a bad guy when everything gets sucked in the center.

Whatever you do, don’t let yourself get sucked into the center as you will take damage. Staying alive is important here, as the Phazon of the enemy can do a lot of damage very quickly.

You might die, but if you want, you can continue from the room up above. What you should do is go in and out of the door up there, and shoot anything that contains energy. You will need all the energy you can get to defeat this obstacle. Eventually, you will shoot out all holographic displays, and the mechanism will fall down.

You can then claim your Nova Beam. This allows you to fire through Phazon, which apparently comes in handy around here. To leave the room, use your X-ray visor to see thorough the door. You will see a spot that you can target, and shooting it causes the control panel on the right to become active. Use the combination lock style turn to open it. Then proceed up the elevator.

There is a door nearby with t greenish tint to it. Blast it open.


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