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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 42: The Eighth Part of Pirate's Homeworld

Updated on November 24, 2007

Phazon Mine Entry

Turn up a hall, and there are a lot of little creatures that you can have fun shooting. Now, there is a wall of Phazon nearby. Use your X-ray vision and you will see gears, but areas you can shoot. Shoot all the areas that you can, and the door will open. Watch out for the Phazon Metroid sucker, and grab the missile expansion. Go up the hall and out the door.

Landing Site Charlie

Soon you will reach an area that is a landing platform, but is littered with slag. Clear away the slag with charge shots from your gun, and you can land your ship there. It makes for a good saving point.

Exit the landing place, go down the hall again and back into the Main Cavern. From here, there is a door behind some Phazon. You will need to use your X-ray visor once again, and shoot out the sweet spot. Enter into the door.

Drill Shaft 2

In this room, you will see a drill-like machine that also has Phazon. X-ray it, and you will see a weak spot. Shoot it out, and there will be a big hole in the floor that you should enter in.

Go down the hall and through the door, and you will soon be in a control room of a place where you have been before: the Phazon Quarry. There is an energy pod at the end of the room that you should take. A door will open, and you will have to face three Commando bad guys before you take the exit out.

Soon you will come to a transit station 4B that you should definitely get on. Ride it and then follow the hall until you come to a drop off. You’ve been here before, so feel free to jump down and go until you see a Phazon screen. You will see gears along with things you can shoot. Shoot them up, then the wall will open. Blast the door that is revealed and enter.

Command Station

There is a panel that you can drain energy from, and it will open up a ball tube with a missile expansion on it. However, the ball tube won’t take you anywhere you haven’t been to before. As for the pile of Phazon crystals in the corner, don’t worry, you’ll get to that later.

This is where you take out the defensive grid. What you need to do is find the first ramp, and keep working your way up these ramps. When you get to the top, you will see a terminal. You will need your X-ray visor in order to enter the correct code.

From there, many things happen. The Defensive system suddenly sheds areas of it and you can see Phazon. Bad guys will also show up. What you need to do is use your X-ray visor to look through the Phazon and blast what is underneath.

You should simply jump off the ledge you are on and go all the way down to the bottom. Find the Phazon there, and use your X-ray visor. You will see three balls in the Phazon. Shoot each ball, and the Defense system will now be one-third down.

For the most part, you can ignore the bad guys who are after you. If you keep moving, they won’t do you a lot of damage. Keep working your way up until you see the next Phazon spot, and look in with X-rays to shoot the three balls there. Keep going until you are near the top, and repeat with the next Phazon patch.

Not that they are all gone, a ball activator will appear on top. Go to the top and morph ball into it, activating it with a concussion bomb. All the bad guys in the room will be gone, and Admiral Dane’s invasion fleet will enter in.


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