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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 44: The Tenth Part of Pirate's Homeworld and Omega Ridley Leviathan Seed

Updated on November 24, 2007

Enter your ship and set a course for the Pirate Homeworld Leviathan Seed. You will land and need to jump on those weird platforms again. From there, you will enter a tunnel blocked by odd plants. Use your X-rays to find the weak points, and shoot them out.

You will then face the Omega Ridley. This dragon is a really tough customer. It needs to be done in three stages.

The first stage is when you take him out in the heart. If you turn on your X-ray visor, his heart stands out really red. When you hit it, it will glow red. Eventually, he will be stunned, which means you can walk right up to him and use grapple grab. Once you rip something off of him, go into Hypermode and shoot him with as much Phazon as you can. Hypermissiles work really well for that.

Eventually, Omega Ridley will grow armor on his chest, so you can’t hit his armor anymore. However, his shoulder joints are still vulnerable. What you need to do is shoot him at a certain time. That time is when he stands and glows with purple globes on his shoulders. Shoot out the globes, and he will be stunned. Go into X-ray mode, and lock on with Z. You will see a close up of his chest, with his shoulders highlighted. Keep hitting those highlighted areas on his shoulders, and eventually, one of his shoulders will burst.

There is another way to get him in this vulnerable mode. If his mouth is pointed toward you, and he’s about to breathe fire, and hit him in the mouth. Then go into X-ray, and you should be able to take out his shoulders.

Once his shoulders will be taken out, his chest will be total Phazon. From there, it’s a simple matter of going into Hypermode and taking him out with Phazon square to the chest. This is harder than it sounds. Unfortunately, Omega Ridley likes to fly at this stage, and he’s hard to hit. Try to avoid his bombing runs, and wait until he lands before taking him out.

Hit him enough times in the face, and he will grow very angry and stand to his feet. This is Omega Ridley’s weakest point, and you should hit him with full Phazon there. Eventually, he will succumb.

To defend against his attacks, try to space jump to the side to avoid his charging, breath, or tail attacks.

You will then receive the Hypergrapple. There will be two targets that will appear in front of you. Z grab them, and then give some energy to them with up on the joystick. They will slowly explode if you do this. The seed will be revealed and you will do your usual A button to release all energy to it.


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