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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 45: The First Part of the Valhalla Return to Norion

Updated on November 24, 2007

From there, you will need to go to the Valhalla. Set a course there and go. You cannot succeed at the Valhalla until you get all the energy pods, so you may want to make some side trips. You should have most of them if you followed the walk-through. There are some that need to be found by simply hitting the “1” key, going into inventory, then running a search on Energy Pods.

You will find that one of them is Norion. Go there, landing at Docking Hub Alpha. Get out of the ship, go straight and turn right, then get on the elevator. Keep going straight until you see a soldier in front of a burned-out panel. Talk to this soldier, as he has a lot of things to say. (Name these with the Proper Names)

What you need to do is fix the panel using the welding mode, and the door with the sign “Generator Access” will be ready to open.

Substation West

From there, keep going until you see the Liquid Phazon and blast it up.

Keep going and you will reach a section that says “Data Storage”. Take out the door using an ice missile and enter in. Analyze all computers in there and leave. Work your way down until you get to a door.

Cargo Dock B

When you enter in, you will see some hopping Metroids. There will also be a large organic mass. If you analyze the mass, it says that it is linked ot the hopping Metroids. Shoot all the hopping Metroids, and the organic mass will explode. There will be some liquid Phazon, but you can shoot it down.

The doorway it reveals will need five simultaneous hits to open. Break out the Seeker Missiles and enter the next room.

Generator B Access

In order to get to the other side of this hallway, you will need to morph ball and go into the nearest ball-tube. Do that and open the door.

Generator B

Here you will meet a tough Metroid Hatcher. Beat him the same way you did before.

After he is dead, stuff will start exploding around you. This will expose a ball tube, and you should enter at a place near the entrance. Morph ball and kep rolling, and you will get to a spot where you can remove an energy pod.

The door to the room will open, so leave right away. Now, you want to walk back to landing platform at Cargo Dock B, and land your ship there.


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