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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 46: The Second Part of the Valhalla Return to Bryyo

Updated on November 24, 2007

Set a course for Bryyo, at the Federation Outpost. Go through the doorway that requires high temperature weaponry to get through.

Hangar Bay Hall

There are some Crawltanks here, but not much else. Go to the door on the other side.

Hall of the Golems

There are three major golems here. The first one will require a hypergrapple in order to make it work. Analyze it to see if it is discharge or recharge. A ball tube will be revealed, so put a concussion bomb in it and the golem will make a new magnetic track. It will be hard to navigate onto this one, but you will get a missile upgrade.

The next golem will have an iron panel in front of it, so charge blast to melt it. Morph ball and activate the activator. A new passage will be made, but don’t take it yet.

There is another golem, but he will be guarded be a Fargul hatcher. This beast spits out these nasty insects, and it is only when his mouth is open is when he is vulnerable. Missiles won’t affect him, so let him have it as soon as he opens his trap. As for the flies, you can Hyperball them to death, so don’t hesitate if they get close. However, the damage is so small it might be better to leave well enough alone.

If you go to the liquid gel falls, you can see ledges on the sides. Keep jumping on these ledges, and they will lead you to the top. A robot with a cap on his chest is waiting, so blow the cap off with an ice missiles. Morph ball and go into his chest, and he will freeze the falls. Now you can jump onto the falls to the next level to enter the doorway.


You will find a tube tunnel, and you will need to descend to its lower level. Use concussion bombs to take out the crystals blocking your way. The same goes for that purple bug thing. Take the doorway out.

Hidden Court

This is a room you’ve been to before, but not at a higher level. You will need to shoot the gate in front of you in two places, and it will fall down to make a bridge. You will then need to grapple swing across, and then you will see a half pipe that you can use to get a missile upgrade. There is a door near that half-pipe, so take it.

Hidden Court Hall

Not much here but a bunch of Crawltanks. Oh, and there is a ball tube that you need to go through, so do it. Get to the door on the other side.

Fuel Gel Pool

You will soon be in a room where there is a Golem head. Using the command screen, summon your ship to pick it up. If you freeze the falls, you can use them as stepping stones to get a missile upgrade. Also, there is one located down below.

Now, retrace your steps to go back to the Hall of the Golems. Take the doorway out from the passage that you made before, the one I told you to ignore last time.

Colossus Vista

Take the passageway I told you to ignore earlier. It will lead you to a view a giant Golem, who happens to be missing a head. Using the command visor, drop the head on the giant. A new door and a ship missile upgrade will be revealed. Take the doorway.


In this room, there is a place where you can move a bridge around with Hyperball. Do it, and then go to the end of the bridge. Now, wait until the two Wall jump surfaces come together. In fact, you may have to blast them to get them to move, maybe. You will soon get an energy pod.

You might want to notice your map, because there is a bridge on the other side. You might want to activate it, but you can’t right now. What you got to do is work your way back to your ship. To leave this room, get in front of the circle in the cage, lay a concussion bomb, and go through it as you leave.

Head to the Thorn Jungle Airdock, and go to the North Jungle Court. If you want to you can go to the Jungle Generator, then head to the North. You can do a double-jump on the ball tube, then keep going until you get there. It is a shorter way then going south and working your way around as you did before. Now, there is a generator in this place, and you can pick it up on your command screen. You have to be pretty high up to do this, so jump on the big post in the middle.

Now, screw jump to where the generator used to be. You will find a passage leading to a door, but you’ll need to morph ball in order to get to it. The door will take you to the MachineWorks area, where you can cross over to the other part of Bryyo. From there, work your way to the Federation Outpost, then back to the Hidden Court. Go to your command screen, and you will see a place to drop the Generator. A crane will then be set in motion, and by jumping up, you can acquire another energy tank.

Now, leave through the easy way on the door on the bottom level. Make your way to the Cliffside Airdock or Federation Outpost.


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