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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 47: The Third Part of the Valhalla

Updated on November 24, 2007

Take your ship to the GFS Valhalla.

Docking Bay 5

First thing you will need to do is walk to the right of the door, and you will see an energy pod. You can pick it up. Then walk to the left of the big door, use an energy pod on the left of the door, then use the hand scanner on the right to open the door and enter in.

Hangar A Access

After the door is open, you will be attacked, but you can easily fend it off. There is a grapple grab, so swing to the other side. You will see some dead guys here, so shoot the one all the way to the left. I know it’s morbid, but he’s blocking a hand pad that you need.


This next room will have those brain sucker things in it. You should only blast the ones that get hostile. In the corner there is a giant crate. Charge blast the crate and an entrance will be revealed. Go to the next room.


In this room, there are two panels with iron that can be melted. Melt them both, then insert energy pods in both. A ramp will rise, and some blobby creature will be revealed. Beat it by using grapple grab when a certain appendage is shown. I know that sounds gross, but believe me, it is true.

Go up the ramp, and you will see a door on this level. You will have to make a few space jumps to get to it, though.

Weapons Cache

Take the door and analyze everything in the room. You’ll find a computer robot and a missile expansion, but not much else.

Leave the room and go back to the Repair Room. Go ahead and shoot every last Phazon Metroid or small one you can find. By the doorway to the Stairwell, there is a corroded ramp that you can leap up to with a space jump. From there, keep working your way up via ramps. The last jump you will need to make has some electric discharge thing going on, so wait until it subsides before you make the jump. You’ll come to a door, so enter in.

Security Station

This next room has liquid Phazon you met earlier. Take it out with a grapple grab. There is a glass wall that is cracked. Shatter it with a charge-blast. Now, there is another weak wall, with a crack in the corner. Aim for the corner, and a hole large enough for a Morph Ball will be made. Morph ball and roll in, very quickly morphing back to standing mode and take out the slime monster with a grapple grab. Enter into the next door.


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