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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 49: The Fifth Part of the Valhalla

Updated on November 24, 2007

Junction A

You will soon find some of those liquid Phazon monsters, so take them out. You will also find a door on the right. Take the door, and grab an energy pack to increase your life by 100 percent. Leave the room and go toward the door with the green glow.

Aurora Access

This room has a liquid Phazon being who constantly spawns these bug things. Keep shooting the liquid Phazon as well as the bugs that come out. Eventually, the Liquid will be distengrated, so exit out the door.

Aurora Chamber

Now, the next room you will find you will need two energy pods to operate some ramps. You will need to unjam a mechanism that is located above them. Take it out with a missile, and insert the energy pods. A Metroid Hatcher will attack you. However, he is easy to kill.

Go up the ramps, to the elevator, and then eventually to the door.

Control Room Access

This next room will have you being attack by the Phazon Metroids, so take them out. I find that charged attacks works best, as they tend to gang on you.

Control Room

The next room will have a lot of stuff in it. You will see a panel with a keypad. However, the code is on a dead soldier’s PDA nearby: 78356. At least, it was when I played it. For all I know, it could change every game. Analyze the PDA and you’ll find it. Enter in the code, and listen to the last message of the Valhalla.

There is another device that will turn on power. You will need to add power to it using the grapple grab. It will then ask for the code, which X-ray visor can provide. You will finally have the code needed to get into the Pirate room.

Make your way back to your ship and head for the Pirate Homeworld. You will have to head back to the Command Center, the place where you disabled the defense system. Go into the building and take the elevator to the second floor. Keep going down the hall until you enter the Command Station.

Thers is some see some crystalline substance. You will need to go into Hypermode and do a Hypergrapple, pushing up on the joystick to feed it energy. Eventually, that whole mass will explode, revealing a door.

Transit Station 2A

Here you will find another tram. Get on board and head to the new area.

Transit Station 2-B

Ride the tram, and walk down the hall, and enter in the door.

Entrance to Leviathan Battleship

This room will have a huge shield thing in the middle. There is a grate on the wall that you can knock off by becoming a Morph ball and dropping a concussion bomb. Morph ball into the hole you made, and you’ll drop down to where a control panel is. Grapple voltage that panel and joystick down to suck out energy. The shields will drop, and there will be a map above you

Enter that map, and you’ll be transported to a completely new area. There is a terminal ahead, go and interact with it, and the code will be entered. You will then be asked to rendezvous with the Fleet, so head back to your ship the same way to got there.

Before you rendezvous with the Fleet, there is something you need to know. The game is not kidding when it says that once you go to Phaaze you cannot go back. Therefore, if you want to collect all the missile expansions, you need to do that now.

You may have heard that by collecting the missile expansions, you will receive different endings. To find all the missile expansions, you need to go back to the Chozo Observatory on Elysia. What you need to do is walk up to the Phazon Window and shoot through it. A door will open, and you will see a hand scanner. Turn it on, then go around the area. There are ball activators all around, and you will need to activate all of them. Some can only be activated with Spider Ball.

You will see satellites launch, and it will show you places where the missile expansions will be. I have instructed how to find some on this guide, but the others, I will leave up to you. It is not necessary to find all missile expansions to win the game.


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