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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 5: The First Part of Norion

Updated on November 24, 2007

There is a center control on your ship that you need to touch with A, and then select a destination of Norion with A, specifically Docking Hub Alpha.

Docking Hub Alpha

When you arrive on the planet, you will be instructed to go through Norion and turn on some generators. They will be uploaded onto your map, but nothing in between. Your job is to navigate to all the rooms in between.

Go to the nearest door, which will have four targets on it. Hit all four and enter in. You will find a room off to the side whose central area needs to be shot in order for it to open. Go in and grab your new device, the grapple-grab. You won’t use it until later, but it will be used many a time. By the way, there is a computer station to analyze, which has some valuable information on Rundas. Get the Extra points.

Go down a nearby hallway and scan a wall-mount thing. Using the pull-out, turn counterclockwise, push in move, open the elevator door. You will go up many floors, and leave from the first door you see.

Hub Access

Take out the thing that is shooting at you, then proceed to the next area where three baddies will shoot at you. Take them out and jump to the next ramp. Here you will see the first grapple thing. Use Z then thrust forward on the numchuk, then bring it back. Get used to doing that, as you will be doing it several times in the game.

Cargo Hub

Walk down the hall, and you’ll see a panel you can grapple off to your right. Use the Hand Scanner. This will open a ball tube. If you navigate down there, you will have to use bombs to destroy barricades in your way. You will also need to use the bombs to jump up to certain places. The hardest obstacle is one where you must time it so a steam thing can get you there. At one point in time, a bad guy comes out and starts shooting at you. All this for a missile expansion. Well, if you want to try it, feel free, but it is not necessary to finish the game.

The first door to your right will be not useful yet. Keep going, and you’ll see a blast door. Also not much use. Continue going down the hall, and take out the swarms of shielded baddies that come at you like you did at the G.F.S. Olympus. At the end of the hall, there are three panels you will have to grapple in order to remove.

Morph ball through the opening you just made. There is a panel you might want to analyze before you take the only way out. It says something about how a Generator is offline.


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