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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 50: The First Part of Phaaze

Updated on November 24, 2007

Set a course for Phaaze. After a lengthy interlude, you will arrive on the planet.

Landing Site

You will then be forced to hit A to exhaust your Phazon vents. You will then be in Hypermode all the time, with a yellow bar telling you when you will die. Very sad.

There is a door you can enter through by blasting.


From there, you will find two floating bad guys. Take them out, and fall down to the next level. Metroid hoppers will attack, but with one charge attack, they go away. Collect the Phazon energy required so your levels don’t get too high.

From there, there is an organic mass blocking the way. Overload it with Grapple voltage, and it will be gone. By the way, you will notice that your Life Energy will increase when you do this, so use this whenever you can. Jump down to an even lower level, then enter in the door.

Cavern Alpha

There will be one door there, and it will lead to a place where you can’t go unless you turn to a Morph ball and go underneath. You will rise to a place where there are crystals on the ceiling. Take out the crystals with a missile, then proceed to go up and up and up. There will be liquid Phazon blocking your way, so take them out with the grapple-grab. Actually, grapple voltage works better because you will actually expel Phazon, thus increasing your life expectancy. If the liquid is from a distance, try shooting it. Take out any other crystals along the way. Some of these jumps are very difficult to make, but Screw attack jumps don’t always help you get there. The last jump is especially difficult. You will then reach a door.

Cavern Beta Access

This next place will have a ball tube, so you must proceed down and use Hyperball (A button to take out any crystals in your way. All the red things must go, and new passages will be made. There will be a glowing ball in your way of the door, but it is easy to take out.

Cavern Beta

From here, you will be attacked by many brain suckers. Go down the ledge as much as possible, and you will see some crystals. Take them out with a missile, then screw jump to the other side. From there, work your way down a new hall, where some crystals block your way again. Take them out with a missile and open the door.


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