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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 51: The Second Part of Phaaze

Updated on November 24, 2007

Drop Shaft

An entrance large enough for the morph ball will be here. When you are in this new room, you will be attacked by bad guys. Take out them and steal their leftover Phazon, then Hyperball and destroy the red chryals around the room. When you have them all, a new portal will be open in the middle of the room, so roll down and enter in. You will have to do this a few times, so I recommend you grab all the leftover Phazon you can. When you get below, a monster will try to eat you. Keep your finger on the A button, and he will explode and spit you out.

Metroid Cavern

Get out of Morph ball and go to the next room. In this next room, there are lots of creatures. At first, it seems like there is nothing to do but shoot Phazon Metroid guys, but you need to concentrate firepower on one section. There is a door, but it is surrounded by little eyes. Shoot out one eye at a time, and soon the door will go nuts. Use charge blasts on it, and it will explode. Walk through after that.

The next room requires you to take out several Metroid Hoppers before a section of the wall explodes into the next section.

You will then need to take out a few Liquid Phazon guys. Use the Grapple voltage for this and expel a little Phazon.

Hatcher Shaft

You will then come to a door and fall, only to be caught by a hideous monster. If you shoot the monster square in the mouth, it will let you go. You have to do it hard, so use missiles.

In the next room, you will take out a few bad guys, but you might notice some hardened Phazon on the floor. Take it out with a missile, and keep going down until you get to the door.

Genesis Chamber

In the next room, you will see a large thing in the center, with brainsuckers all around it. These guys come in threes, so take them out, and analyze the thing in the center. It says that you will need to take out its cover. What you need to do is grapple grab it at two points. One on the side as you come in, and one on the other. Do not fall into the center of the room, as it eats energy bad.

Once the cover is peeled, use the X-ray to see the bug thing there. Shoot it when it gets to Phazon or vulnerable area. It will take a lot of shots, but it will soon explode. Don’t forget to take out the Metroids who are coming after you too. You may have to switch sides to get a better shot at it. It tends to move around a lot.

A pit will be made, and there will be some energy you can get from there. I had a hard time getting that energy, and I found that the excess Phazon energy doesn't do much to fuel you.


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