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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 52: The Third Part of Phaaze and Final Bosses

Updated on November 24, 2007

Dark Samus

Once that is done, drop down. You will then face Dark Samus. To be honest, I couldn’t think of any better strategy to defeat this guy than just shooting him. Missiles don’t really target well. You can use the ice pillars as cover, or you can obliterate them with missiles.

Eventually, he will switch to an attack where he leaps up, hovers in air, and recharges himself. Don’t let him do this. If he hovers, shoot him repeatedly until he doesn't.

He will then switch to another phase where he somehow duplicates himself, but you can shoot his duplicates. Enough shots will cause them to explode, and you can get the Phazon if you want.

Don’t let all three in the air hover in one place, Dark Samus builds life that way.

I know a surefire defense to this one maneuver where they both spin and fire these lasers. Hyperball and shock him. That helps.

Aurora Unit

Eventually, he will turn into the Aurora Unit, and you must defeat that. Sometimes he will fire duplicate dark Samuses, which are very tricky to hit. He’ll also duck his head in and fire at you. You can shoot out that enemy fire.

It isn’t easy to take out, but you need to wait when little cables show up on his face. Hit the glowing thing at the end of the cable, and there will be an explosion. When the area on his face glows yellow, shoot that area. If you keep doing this, eventually, he will be stunned. Run up to it fast and grapple grab the head, and the cover will come off. The cover will only be open for a little while, so hit him with lots of Hypermissiles. Keep repeating this until he collapses.

Aurora Unit Head

Then you will have to face the head. It has three basic attacks. The first will be to drop these giant bombs that will create great shockwaves. I found I avoided these by Screw attacking.

In fact, screw attacking is how you beat this guy. You need to get close to him, and sometimes you might get lucky and hit him in the air. The head will be stunned, so you need to attack a purple spot on his backside. Hit it with lots of misiles.

After a few of his shockwave attacks, he then fires four lasers at once, and will turn around. You might want to steer clear of him, as he can do a lot of damage.

After that quad-laser attack, he gets ground level and comes after you like he’s on wheels. You should screw attack him, and he will be stunned. Hyper missile his vulnerable backside.

Eventually, he will be defeated, and the game will end. Depedning on how many missile expansions you found, you will see some interesting endings.


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