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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 6: The Second Part of Norion

Updated on November 24, 2007

Substation East

When you are in this room, turn to a morph ball, and go to a special tile on the floor near an energy pod. Drop a bomb underneath you, leap up, and then wait for the way to become clear before you start rolling over to the other side. Roll very fast to the other side, then exit out that door.

Conduit A

Keep going down this hall, blasting any bad guys. Watch out for rubble that looks unstable, usually in the form of pillars. Clear the way by charging fire or using missiles. Watch out for these traps in the form of tiny tripods. Blast them when you get the chance. Take out the door at the end with a missile.

Cargo Dock A

From here, you enter a room and have to take out 5 pirates ahead of you. Two more join up, who wear shields. You have to use your grapple-grab to remove the shield, then you can take them out.

Two more flying pirates come in, and some charge attacks can take them out, but you should probably use Z-targeted missiles. A little warning: they do explode and can crash with huge damage-rendering flame.

After that, a small ship goes after you. Use charge attacks and missiles on the front part of it, and it will die. Then Rundus, the bigger bounty hunter, will show up and destroy all the other pirate ships that will surround you.

He says that you can then need to land your ship there. Use the minus key, move cursor to the lower right zone, and hold down Z. Get to your ship and save there, then leave out the door which the landing of your ship has opened.

Generator A Access

Go to the door without the ramp and get going down the hall, blasting any enemies in your way. The door to the generator room has certain spots that will grow different colors, shoot these colors, and the door will be revealed. Use your grapple-grab from there, then enter the room.

Generator A

In that room, go to the center and these flying things will try and shoot you. They are fast as they move, but they will stop when they shoot. Take them out with a few shots or one charge shot.

Once you are clear of them, a passage will open to the other side. Space jump off the center platform you’re standing on to that side, and charge shot blast the debris out of the way. Operate that control manually, then jump back to the center platform and go the door and make a right, and you’ll see a hand pad. Put your palm on it, and the Generator will now be working.

Unforuntaely, bad stuff begins. Now there is an asteroid heading toward Norion, so you had better get the other generators online.

Exit out the room the way you came in.


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