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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 7: The Third Part of Norion

Updated on November 24, 2007

Generator Access A and Cargo Dock A

Go down the hall, blasting baddies in your path, and out the door.

You’ll soon see a soldier with Phazon Enhanced weaponry. Talk to him, and continue onward. You might want to stop by your ship and save.

Go down Conduit A and Substation East, where you must roll across the side passageway once again.

Once you get to the Cargo Hub, roll out as a morph ball. You will then see big bounty hunter Ghor who will guard the room. Go into the hole he has just made, and you’ll see a door that is wired. Shoot the things that the door is wired to, then grapple to pull the door off, and enter.

Maintenance Station

Keep following the hall until you get to the end, and guards seem to defend you. There is a door in the center, but you will be unable to go through it now, as it is only vulnerable to extreme cold. Eventually you’ll get to the end.

Conduit C

This room has a lot of deadly dangers in it. The important thing to know is just to keep near the ceiling. Go around to the right side and space jump to the other side. Don’t worry if you fall. You should be able to jump up there again. Don’t follow the tunnel below, because that doesn’t lead anywhere.

Eventually, you will have to leap across one area where there is a ball tube entrance on the other side. Morph ball and go through a series of tunnels. When you are able to stand once again, there will be a door nearby. Exit out that door.

Cargo Dock C

This place will have a small hole at the bottom of the wall, but it will be covered. Lay a bomb there, and stand back. Roll down the pipe.

As you roll down, you will need to go up and such. At one point, a pterodactyl thing will perch on the pipe. Keep away from its feet as you do this, or you will take damage. Stay in one area as he fires his laser, which will only be a fine harmless beam. Move out of its way before it becomes a deadly, fiery beam. Eventually, it will try to bite the pipe. Lay a bomb around that area where he bites, and he’ll get hurt. If he bits where you are, lay a bomb. If you damage him twice with bombs, it will release its talon and you can keep rolling.

Keep rolling along and the pterodactyl thing will try again. Use the method in the paragraph above to dispose of once again. You’ll roll into a place with a door, so enter in.

Generator C Access

As you go farther, there will be some villains to blast. There will also be a Save room to your left, enter in and save your game before you go any further. Keep going and then get to the generator door. Like the last generator, there are colored spots that you have to shoot. Take them out and use the grapple-grab, then enter in.


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