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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 8: The Fourth Part of Norion

Updated on November 24, 2007

Generator C

At first, it will seem like an ambush, but Gandrayda makes certain that bad guys don’t get in the way. Keep going, over to the other side and manually turn it on like you did the last time. Unfortunately, it is not that easy.

From there, a ball tunnel opens up. Take it. When you see a purple smoke, use a bomb, and you’ll get up higher than you normally would. As you go through the tunnel, you’ll see these blue ball activator things. Get under them, drop a bomb, leap up in them. Drop another bomb, and you’ll see some new passageways being made. Keep doing this two more times.

Do your best to ignore the guy who is firing at you. By the way, there are some pits here that can be crossed provided there is purple smoke supporting you. Make sure there is.

Soon you’ll get to the top, and there is one area with a 45 degree angle slope. You will need to drop a bomb in order to go up this slope. When you get to the top, drop a bomb.

The Meta Ridley

From here, you take a pterodactyl creature head-on. It was hard to defeat this guy as you go down a tunnel. Take shots at him, but I found charged ones don’t work so well. Wait until your targeting thing must turn red before you even want to fire. What you need to do is avoid the tunnel edges by using your joystick.

Soon you will be close up to him. His hand and mouth will glow. When they do, take out charged shots, as they do lots of damage. He will often be vulnerable between these times, so take a lot of pot shots at him.

You will then fall again, so avoid the tunnel walls. When you are close up again, take out his vulnerable glowing areas. On the last tunnel, just keep hitting him with everything you got. Use missiles if you have to, but it is hard to target him.

You will eventually defeat him rather spectacularly, but you will then go back to where you were by Rundus. From there, use the Hand Scanner to activate the generator.

Race Against Time

You will literally have four minutes to stop a meteor. Take the nearest door out and run down the hall of Generator C Access, not stopping for anything. When you get to Cargo Dock C, you’ll see how close the meteor really is. There is a ball tube nearby, so morph ball up and roll to the next door.

Enter in, only killing an enemy if it gets in your way directly. By the time you get to Conduit C, you will need to keep going up. At one point, you will need to space jump up then turn around and space jump to the other side. Once you leave, run through the Maintenance Station, and get to the Cargo Hub. You will want to find the ball tube where you originally entered this room from.

You will find a place with a hand scanner. A new room will open with a door. Blast through the door and get in as quick as you can. You will then enter the Tower Elevator. The only thing left to do is to sit back and enjoy.

Fellow bounty hunters Gandrayda, Ghor, and Rundus ride the elevator with you and as you try to start the gun, you are ambushed by Dark Samus. However, you live long enough to start the cannon. You wake back up on the GFS Olympus.


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