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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 9: The First Part of Bryyo

Updated on November 24, 2007

Medlab Delta

You will wake up one month later on the GFS Olympus and be briefed on what happened to you. You can use HyperMode, usually achieved by hitting the “+” key. I say usually, because you can fix that in the Options mode.

After going into Hypermode, shoot any and all obstacles in the way. After the doctor has finished her long treatise, you can leave. Don’t forget to analayze the two computers that will be on your right for some Extra Points.

Gunnery Station

There isn’t much to do in this room, but if you want some excitement, you could go into Hypermode and shoot the purple things on the wall. However, why?

Command Lift B

In this room, there is a hand scanner on the wall that will activate the elevator. It would be a good idea to do that, and ride it up there.

Lift Access

This hall you have been to before, and it still has the Save room. Might be a good idea to save your game here. Leave and proceed down the hall to the Flag Bridge, then go to the AU Access room nearby.

There AU 242 will give you your new mission. You have to find out what happened to all the other bounty hunters as well as destroy the Space Pirate Leviathans. After that, you will be taken directly back to your ship.

You will then be setting a course to Bryyo. You could go to Elysia, but there isn’t really anything you can do there until you get some specific stuff.

Cliffside Airdock

Not much is here, so go to the door straight ahead of you. You will soon get a transmission that there is some sort of shield surrounding the area, and if you can get to a downed vessel, you can access the satellite uplink. That is your new destination.

Gateway Hall

Also not much to do here but keep following the hall. By the way, the doors here only open if you hit them in the center. Keep going and shoot out the dragonfly things that try and blast you on the bridge made of ice. One good charge shot seems to do the trick. Cross the bridge and drop down to open the door to the next room.


Soon you will reach an area with a lot of wide open space, and doors on the sides. In the middle is a solar collector tower, and one massive door with two dragon symbols on it. Your mission is to open that door by activating certain controls accessible from the control tower.

What you have to do is turn left, then space jump to the other side. There will be a precarious ramp immediately to your left. Space jump to that, then follow the ramp to the other side. You will pass the large door frame, and follow another ramp that is very precarious. In fact, it might fall in! Fortunately, you can lower a special ramp that you will see in shimmering yellow if you look behind you. Use your grappler to topple it down. If the precarious ramp hasn’t toppled by then, it will now.

When you get to the door, jump to the ledge on the right of the door. Turn until that one massive post of a solar collector is straight in front of you. Jump on to it, then become a ball and roll down the tube. When you reach the end of the tube, drop a bomb. You will see yellow liquid flow and platforms will descend.

The ball will drop out, and you’ll be attacked by these weird purple creatures. They can easily be taken out en masse, but you have to do it right. They will form this energy ball as the circle. When you see that ball of energy, charge shot and that will take them out.

Enter in the large doorframe. You will soon get to a place with a ledge. It is the shortest on the left side, so space jump up it and then run to the right side and keep jumping up. You will then get to a place where the platforms you have just lowered will be there. Jump to the next ramp, then jump to the top of the solar collector in the center. Turn to a ball and do what you did before with the bomb at the end. Yellow liquid will flow, and the big door will open.

You are now back to the place where you first entered. You should make your way to where the big door was once before, but this time go right. Be sure you take out those flying red things with a few shots. Jump to the nearest ramp.

You’ll soon reach a place where there will be a door, but on the side will be a small obstacle. Do an analysis on the yellow ball, and you will discover that you can remove it with the grapple-grab. You will have to hit it three times, and you’ll eventually eject it from the ball tube. Morph ball and go in, turning right.

That tunnel will lead to a place where two Crawltanks stand guard. Take out the bugs and go through the door.

Reliquary II

Nothing much is in this room but an energy pod. Also in this room is a panel on the wall that can be removed with a grapple grab. You can analyze the panel for info, and get extra points.


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