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What's in your refrigerator?

Updated on January 26, 2008

Mindful Eating

So, what is in your refrigerator? Are there science projects lurking in the corners? Is soda pop your beverage "du jour?" Do the leftovers saved from last week have any semblance to their original state?

It can be a scary task foraging through the long-forgotten foods we stored weeks or even months ago.

Dining at home has become one of the most neglected experiences couples and families have in these hectic times. From the moment we get out of bed we rush to feed the kids, the cats, the dogs, the spouses. Maybe pour a bowl of cereal or throw a breakfast bar in our mouths. Maybe nothing. Then we rush to work. No time to pack a lunch. Give the kids lunch money and hope they actually buy lunch instead of candy or coke.

Grab a bite to eat at the local fast food place.

Come home exhausted after a very long day and pop a family-sized pizza in the microwave. Dinner is done.

Maybe eat some cookies or ice cream later, comfort food.

Drink some more soda pop, watch some TV, help the kids with the homework and fall into bed.

oh dear.

Is this really how we Americans eat? I'm afraid too many of us do.

It's not that hard to shop wisely and healthily and prepare good, nutritious meals that can be saved and eaten later. It's winter now, great time to cook up a big pot of soup - minestrone - lentils - chicken noodle soup. Ummm, I love the hot, nourishing mixture made from all fresh ingredients.

That's the key. We need to replace packaged food with fresh produce, fruit, meats and fish. Eat MUCH less sugary foods, especially the soda pop. We need to drink MUCH more water - good, clean, mineral-enhanced water that will plump up our cells and our immune systems.

I heard an interview with Jack Lalanne not long ago (he's in his 90s now!) and he says the secret to living long and well is to eat only foods that grow naturally - nothing processed or packaged. Of course get lots of exercise too, and drink lots of WATER. He looks great, his mind is supple and active, and he is an extreme example of how healthy eating and living can prolong life - and that's a life of joy and accomplishment.

So many ailments can be traced back to poor eating habits and dehydration. In order to really be healthy, one must make that extra effort and actually cook fresh foods and eat lots of raw vegetables and fruits, too. And remember to drink plenty of WATER.

It's easy, really. Just try - you'll be glad you did.

Fresh Foods

Fresh foods
Fresh foods


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