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Nextar I4-BC GPS

Updated on January 27, 2008

Perhaps I am not quite into this whole new millennium of technology yet, since I had my first chance to use a GPS device just a few weeks ago. I found that the Garmin Where2 was incredibly not that helpful taking me to Pocatello, ID to Las Vegas, NV for CES 2008.

That’s not to say the device isn’t useful, but that it is a straight shot from those two cities once you get on Highway 15, so you don’t really need a GPS. However, Las Vegas is a confusing town and this GPS helped me get around it quite well. Especially when I had to drive to the Treasure Island, having no idea where it was.

It’s not hard to see why GPS devices are amazingly popular, and it probably won’t be long before every vehicle has one. It is no wonder why the Nextar company claims that “getting lost is so last century”. I had a chance to try out the Nextar I4-BC, and I will never be lost again.

The Nextar I4-BC has a 4.3 inch screen that is full touchscreen. The menu that came up was simple, and it was easy to program in an address from it. In fact, it was simple to enter in a location to find a place to eat.

I followed the directions, which were text-to-speech. Every time I got close to an intersection, it would tell me to turn. Then it would tell me how long until the next turn.

Of course, that is pretty standard for any GPS device. However, what makes the Nextar I4-BC terrific is that it has a back-up camera. I got a chance to see this product demonstrated on my trip to CES 2008 this year, and I found that it works as soon as the car is put into Reverse. This back-up camera works by attaching to the brake light, and transmits a wireless signal to the GPS device itself.

Other features of the I4-BC include 1.6 million points of interest with built-in maps of the 50 United States and Canada. The address book can store up to 300 addresses, and it allows for recalculating after you’ve traveled your route.

Also included is an SD slot for added memory, so you can play MP3 tracks. It even has a JPEG viewer for viewing your pictures.

I checked the price for the Nextar I4-BC, and I found it to be quite varied. Some sites showed it as high as $600, and some at about $300. That complete package includes an AC Adapter, DC Adapter, USB Cable, Pouch, and Wireless cradle.


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