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The Gratitude Rock (the story behind the story)

Updated on December 3, 2008

This hub explores the "story behind the story" of Lee Brower and the original Gratitude Rock. I learned the story from the movie "The Secret" and it had a profound effect on me, so I decided to do some research. 

Lee Brower is the name of the businessman who initiated the whole gratitude rock movement.

His daughter was struggling with substance abuse. They found a great facility that could help her. After an emotional good-bye, Mr. Brower flew to California for a few days to work and write.

As he walked along the beach, he saw a butterfly shaped rock. In his own words:

"As I slowly strolled along the edge of the foam, breathing in the fresh morning breeze tumbling off the waves, my gaze was drawn to a dark colored rock. It actually seemed to be glowing and I couldn’t resist picking it up. As I examined this gray rock, I turned it over and there in black was the image of a butterfly in flight! My heart stopped.My throat tightened.Was this a message to me to focus on the beauty of the flight? I knew it belonged to my daughter.I pocketed it and sent it to her.

I knew it belonged to my daughter.I pocketed it and sent it to her. When she received this little rock in the mail sent priority FedEx, she was anxious to call me and find out what this was all about. I told her to keep it close to her and every time she touched it, to think of something that she was grateful for. I told her I was going to hunt for my own rock and I would do the same. Every morning when I get dressed and reach for my wallet, there is my rock. It immediately reminds me to drop to my knees and express gratitude for the many incredible relationships, experiences and blessings in my life. I actually visualize those things I am grateful for. I conclude by visualizing the day and the outcomes I desire for the day. During the day, each time I touch the rock, I am again reminded of my vision and gratitude. Then, at the conclusion of the day, as I take the rock out and place it on its special place on my bed stand, I capture the experiences and once again take time to express my appreciation."

"Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, it is the parent of all others." -Cicero

Of course, you don't have to use a rock, any object will do. For example, my dad gave me a Canadian silver dollar a while back. He said he got it as change one day, and noticed that the year was 1966, the same year I was born. So he kept it in his wallet. He carried it for many years, and finally decided to pass it on to me. So I made it my gratitude coin.

Every time I touch it I think of things I'm grateful for. Sometimes if one of my children, or even a co-worker, is having a rough time I'll jokingly pull out my coin and tell them to touch it. They all know what it is now, and even if they don't take it seriously it as least makes them smile.

So get a rock or other object and start the "gratitude habit," it will make a huge positive difference in your life! 




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