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What essential facts do I need to know BEFORE getting a puppy?

Updated on August 23, 2007
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What do I need to know BEFORE getting a puppy?

Before you wonder what breed of puppy to get, the question you need to answer is whether you can honestly provide what the puppy needs. Then you need to carefully select the puppy so that it makes a good match for you and your family.


You need to have plenty of time to spend with a puppy. It is a lot of work to teach a puppy all the things it needs to know to be a fun, healthy happy dog. Puppy needs you to play with it, exercise it, teach it good manners, groom it, feed and water it, and let it relieve itself.

The younger the dog the more time you have to add. For very young puppies you will want to take them out to relieve themselves about every two hours. That is one reason why busy people often start with an adult dog instead of a puppy.


You can't forget, and you can't leave it until later. Playing, exercising, training, grooming, feeding and watering, and letting it relieve itself is an everyday thing. Some dogs need more of one thing, and less of another, but they all need you every single day. Your dog counts on you. Taking care of all the needs of a puppy is not all fun!! Having a dog is a responsibility.


Puppies are babies. They will do things that make you mad, just because they are learning. And as they grow up they act just like teenagers. They try to get away with doing what they want, instead of what you want. Being firm is OK, getting angry is WRONG, and can make things worse. Teaching them in a way that makes them healthy and happy, instead of afraid or angry, takes patience and understanding.

How to Ask for Help:

Since you had the good sense to ask the question, obviously you know something about this already. But there are times when you need to ask even though you might be shy, or feel silly or stupid. Don't worry. The stupid questions are the ones that you never ask. If you ask, and if you listen, that is the right thing to do.


You always need to be one step ahead. What will change for you and the dog in the future, will you ever have to downsize to a smaller house?

And if you go away can you take the dog? If the dog can't go with you what will happen to it?


As you can see there is plenty to think about and consider when deciding whether or not to get a puppy. Hopefully this article will give you enough information to make the correct decision when choosing a puppy.


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    • vickypenman1 profile image

      vickypenman1 8 years ago from Scotland

      im thinking of getting a puppy this has bn helpfull thanx

    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 10 years ago from USA. Member of Asgardia, the first space nation, since October 2016

      This is very good. Too many people are forced or choose to give up their pets because they could not take care of them properly.