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McCain can still win the 2008 Election with the Quarterback Draw

Updated on November 3, 2008

Pray for John McCain and Sarah Palin to win the 2008 Election

The Quarterback Draw is an American Football Game Strategy

The Houston Texans had lost every game since the opening day of the National Football League. Coming into the fifth week on October 12, 2008 they had a losing record of 0-4, and their opponent was the Miami Dolphins that had a two game winning streak against last year's playoff teams. the New England Patriots and the San Diego Chargers. The Dolphins had come to Houston with an air of confidence and superiority that they would beat the Texans.

The Houston Texans did not play a good game that day. After committing four turnovers, including the last one that set up a touchdown to give the Miami Dolphins a five-point lead with 1:45 remaining, the Texans appeared destined for another disastrous defeat.

This time, though, the Texans sagged, but they didn't gag, and they escaped Reliant Stadium with a 29-28 victory after Matt Schaub scored on a 3-yard quarterback draw with three seconds remaining. The Houston Texans had won their first game of their football season. Since that game against Miami the Houston Texans had won every game played in the Reliant Stadium.

The quarterback draw is an American Football strategy in which the quarterback, who is the leader of the offense team, tricks the opposing defense team by making them think he is going to throw the ball to a receiver. He steps backwards from the offensive line and pump fakes as if to throw the ball. The opposing defensive line then retreats to try to cover the receivers. This backward movement leaves the defense open for the quarterback to advance.

The quarterback draw is a very risky play. If the opposing defense do not bite it can be disastrous for the quarterback. The Texans' coach Gary Kubiak took a big gamble in calling for the quarterback draw. There were only 3 seconds left in regulation time, and they had come to the last play of the game. At that moment the Houston Texans were losing 28-23. If that play did not work the game would end, and the Houston Texans would have a losing record of 0-5, making them a winless team in 2008.

Thank God the quarterback draw worked and the Houston Texans won that game 29-28. It was a squeaker, nonetheless a win is a win. Since that win on October 12 the Houston Texans have won the next two games giving them a record three-game winning streak, something they had never experienced in the history of their seven years of existence.

Matt Schaub's Quarterback Draw that won the Game for the Houston Texans

How to apply the Quarterback Draw to John McCain’s Election Campaign

The Houston Texans' win through the quarterback draw can boost the spirits of the Republican Party and John McCain's supporters in these final days of the Presidential Election.

John McCain is the quarterback of the Republican Team. Right now the National Polls show that he is about 5 points behind Barack Obama who is overconfident that he is going to the White House. This is the time for John McCain to spring a surprise move on Barack Obama. There will be a major upset in the 2008 Election. Many people all over the world will be shocked beyond belief!

1. John McCain should pay no attention to the National Polls but must follow his coach's instructions. His coach is the Lord Jesus Christ who had helped him during his five years imprisonment as a Prisoner of War (P.O.W.) in the VietCong (Vietnamese Communist) prison. He should remain calm, pray and rely on the Lord Jesus Christ. "The battle is the LORD's" (1 Sam. 17:47).

2. The Houston Texans had never won a single game in the 2008 Football season coming to the Miami game. That day they were playing in the Reliant Stadium in Houston, and they had the home field advantage. They were playing in front of supporters who cheered them. That helps a lot. This is one of the reasons they won that game against Miami.

John McCain's home based supporters are the conservative Republicans and the Evangelical Christians because of the faith of his running mate Sarah Palin. There is a grassroots Christian movement that is praying for the McCain/Palin team to win the 2008 Election. This is the strongest spiritual support in McCain's campaign. "Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven." (Mt. 18:19)

3. The quarterback draw strategy requires a receiver to act as a decoy to distract the opposing defense away from the quarterback. In the case of McCain's campaign Sarah Palin is the decoy. She must be very active in these final days to draw the attention away from McCain who will make a crucial move to victory.

4. The quarterback keeps the ball for himself and protects it until he crosses the line for the touchdown. John McCain must keep his virtues and moral values. He must preserve his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, maintain his pro-life stance and strongly oppose same-sex marriage. John McCain is a patriot, a war hero who has spent more years as a P.O.W. in Vietnam than Barack Obama has in the U.S. Senate. McCain has always put his "Country First" which is fitting for his campaign slogan.

Vote John McCain and Sarah Palin


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    • theCL profile image

      theCL 9 years ago from Royal Oak, MI

      I think it's going to be a lot closer than everyone expects.  If everyone just gets out and votes, he could win.  The "undecided's" are still a significant percentage, and I think they'll lean towards McCain. 

      Obama is a complete unknown, he has very questionable connections, and with the audio of him being candidly un-American, it just drums up too many questions.

      McCain's a known quantity.  He's a much safer bet.


    • Earth Angel profile image

      Earth Angel 9 years ago

      Blessings to you this Sunday morning ArkWriter!!

      Instead of praying for a specific outcome, maybe we should consider praying for divine wisdom for the right and perfect outcome at the right and perfect time, acording to God's will, not ours!

      Thanks for sharing your perspective! Thanks for speaking up about what you believe in!! HubPages is a wonderful community of diverse writers who try their best to respect all viewpoints, even those that are not their own!

      Blessings to you and yours! Bless the U.S.A. Earth Angel!