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Tanita BC 558 Ironman Body Composition Monitor

Updated on April 23, 2008

Most people have a scale in their bathroom, and it’s usually just some cheap little thing that inaccurately tells the weight. The Tanita BC558 is not only one of the most accurate weighing scales in the world, but it tells a user their body water percentage, bone mass, body fat percentage, visceral fat, BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), metabolic age, and physique rating.

The BC558 isn’t just a scale, but it is a Segmental Body Composition Monitor. It is called segmental because it gives individual body composition readings from each body segment, including the trunk, right arm, left arm, left leg, and right leg. All of these can be seen on a visual light-up diagram on the scale itself that resembles Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man sketch.

The individual readings allow the user to monitor the balance of the left and right sides of their body, and get help him or her form a rehabilitation plan. It will also help anyone who needs any type of diet and exercise program of any kind.

I found that the instructions read with some difficulty, and it took a few times before I actually got it right. It reminded me of those old VCRs where you have to set the time and date. Then you have put in your own weight, and then you have to grab these retractable handgrip electrodes.

Somehow, doing that makes it possible for the BC558 to know your standard body composition, and giving you a segmental review of yourself. From there, you can graph your progress on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. As it scans the individual parts of your body, and from there, you can work out your own weight loss program.

I would have to say that it is one of the most advanced scales that I have ever seen, but it is also one of the hardest to work. I can also tell you that if more of these scales were in people’s homes, there would probably more people who would be more disciplined to lose weight. That is, if people could figure out how work them.

In other words, if you are serious about losing weight and you need some physical program to monitor it daily, the Tanita BC558 scale is for you. Of course, you might get a mental workout just getting it to work. However, it does work well.

You should be able to purchase the Tanita BC558 scale at the Competitive Edge site for about $299.99.


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