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Bubblews Is Scam Or Not

Updated on May 8, 2014
Bubblews Is Not like Soap Bubble
Bubblews Is Not like Soap Bubble

There are many earning site in the webworld. Some are real and some are fake. You can’t put faith on everybody. However there are some site that has increased the faith of users in earning from home. Some of the site like this are hubpages and bubblews.Here in this hub I will tell you about bubblews and how it is not scam site.

Content Of Hub At A Glance

  • What is bubblews
  • Bubblews is not scam
  • Bubblews rules
  • Other users are getting their redemption

What is Bubblews?

Bubblews is the small blogging site where you can speak freely. It is the place where you can post article on any subject. Here articles are called bubbles. These bubbles can be of 400 characters or more.

Users availing this opportunity and continuously posting bubbles in this site. Here user can earn 0.01$ for every view, comment and like.

On the basis of this unique concept bubblews is attracting number of users from all over the world. Specially from Usa, India, Indonesia and Philippines. It has also put a limit to post 10 bubbles a day. The payment or redemption limit is quite low which is25$.

Bubblew is not scam

Bubblews is the big site. Internet word nowdays is quite abuzz with the news that bubblews is scam site. Many users in bubblews is saying that bubblews is scam. It is because that many user have not received their redemption amount of 25$.

However the fact is that bubblews has list of rules which everybody has to follow who is posting bubbles in bubblews. It clearly says that if you will not follow any of the rule ,you will not receive the payment.

1. Bubblews content should be of 400 hundred characters or more.Some user post content less than 400 character.Therefore they violate this rule.

2. Other rule is that users should not involve in partnership to increase each other like or view. It means every time you post new bubble, other user like it and when that user post any new bubble, you are like it.

3. Besides that content should be unique. It should not be copied from any other sites.Although it is hard to follow this,still many users are creating unique and interesting content.

4. Content should not be pornographic. Many users have not followed one or other rules.

5. Content which contain images only and not enough text is violation of rule.It is seen that you will see only images and no content.

6. Content should be in english only.Not in any other language.It has been seen that people usually post bubble in some other language also like Japanese,Russian.To prevent this,bubblews has made English compulsory.

7. Purchasing traffic from any other site or using traffic sites to increase you bubble views is also a rule violation.Now It has been a practice in web world that people used to increase traffic in their website by buying.

Especially the last rule is that they involved in liking each other content. Because of this rule only, many user have jeopardize their redemption and accusing bubblews for this.

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After Using Bubblews,Do You Think is it Scam Site?

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Users who followed the rules are receiving redemption. Some of the names are funnyman, wowgp, aptre and others. This shows that what you have thought is totally wrong. Some users who didn’t receive redemption on first time, got it second time because they followed above rules.

Bubblews video to test whether it is scam or not


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    • KenDeanAgudo profile image

      Kenneth C Agudo 4 years ago from Tiwi, Philippines

      The site is not totally scam for it pays but in a while they don't pay either. i dont know what is the reason. but i am still there. they often pay me now