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0x or Zrx Has Been Added to the Coinbase Exchange

Updated on November 16, 2018
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Alex has been an investor for years now. He has investments in the stock market, cryptocurrencies, bonds, and the United States Treasury.


0x Added To Coinbase

With the memory of the rise of Bitcoin, many investors are optimistic about the potential bubbles that could be created by new tokens and coins in the blockchain. So, the recent launch of Zero X (0x or ZRX) is exciting to many entrepreneurs. The Ethereum (ETH) based token is, as I am in the midst of writing this article, worth roughly $0.54 United States dollars (USD). The token has gone well above $2.00 USD in value per token. The fluctuation in value already could be valuable to individuals who invest carefully. The 0x token has recently been added to the Coinbase brokerage exchange. Coinbase is arguably the most trusted (if not the most reliable and trusted) crypto exchanges currently available.


0x And Other Cryptocurrencies

The Doge cryptocurrency is fun to collect, but I doubt that it gives much hope to the investor. I, myself, primarily collect Doge for entertainment, with some distant desire that its value will rise. Unlike Dogecoin, ZRX has already shown that it is capable of increasing above $1.00 USD. In fact, as I have already mentioned, the token has been able to go beyond $2.00 in value. Could this show signs that the coin has a similar future to Bitcoin's past? Is this a sign of other possible similarities, or could this be a false correlation? Only time will truly inform us.


A Warning With Optimism

I, for one, have no plans to empty my savings just yet. Moreover, as a long time investor, I would never spend money that I did not have to spare. To be clear, no one should ever invest any fiat currency that one cannot spare. That I need to continually remind my readers of such things may seem bothersome to my readers, however some humans have yet to take into account our recent history. The stock market crash of 1929, the occasional failings of banks, and other like stories should be enough to instill some caution in the investor. After all, the crypto market is a very new and unstable (at least, in some cases) stock market. Educated guesses and speculations are far from fortune telling. That all being stated, with ZRX possessing a value which is not its high, 0x may be a good investment for the mindful entrepreneur.

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Fun Speculation And Possibility

Where will 0x be in the future? Although no one of us can know for sure, here are some things to consider. What if ZRX did have the potential that Bitcoin (BTC) had? BTC had a percentage increase of more than 100,000%. Maybe the magic of BTC will never return as it did. That is a possibility after all. But, let us presume that 0x did have a potential like Bitcoin. Where could investors see themselves? Bitcoin has seen exponential increase before. Over a six year period (from 2011 to 2017), BTC increased by 18,000 times in value. Let's consider what would happen if this same, or a similar phenomenon happened to ZRX. I wrote earlier that ZRX is worth about $0.54 USD. If we multiple that number by 18,000, then we get 9,720. If this increase were to happen, then $50.00 of ZRX now could be worth $900,000 USD. This is all pure speculation of course, but one can clearly see why so many individuals take the cryptocurrency market very seriously. This new market has been the center for many an argument and numerous anxieties.

A Major Fear For Some And My Thoughts

One may further speculate that if too many individuals were to invest in a currency that increased heavily in value like Bitcoin did, then we may all see major problems arise in the world economy. Cryptocurrencies are often much more universal than fiat currencies, and in a world that is becoming ever more interconnected, we should perhaps take into account the possible dangers and threats to our way of life. This is the mindset of some, but I do not believe that such drastic fears are warranted. Cryptocurrencies will undoubtedly affect the world's economies, but these assets are still not being bought and sold at a rate that would do more than metaphorically poke the economy at best in my opinion. The stock market has major effects on the United States of America (USA) to this very day, yet we seem to be by and large doing quite well on the world stage. Furthermore, fear of the unknown is an evil creature that leads to things like the Nazi party, the murdering of "witches", racial lynchings, and sleepless nights. A child isn't raised well with fear and hatred, but by love and concern. That being stated, I believe that 0x should be carefully welcomed, and welcomed warmly into this new and exciting market!

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© 2018 Alexander James Guckenberger


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