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10 Best Twitter Tips - How to Make People Read Your Tweets, Follow, and Stay Engaged with You

Updated on December 3, 2013

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5 Tips To Make People Read Your Tweet And Follow Your Link

If you’re trying to promote anything in Twitter, there is one thing that you absolutely need to do. What is it? It is that you need to be able to persuade your followers to read your tweet and follow your link. If you can’t do that, then people will just ignore your tweet. I’m sure that you don’t want it to happen. So, how to persuade your followers in the most effective way? Here are 5 tips that you can follow to make people read your tweet and follow your link:

1. Be Very Specific

Your link should contain the whole information that you want to give to your followers, and your tweet should act like a headline for that information. In order for you to attract the most attention from your Twitter followers, your tweet needs to be very specific. Unless you give a specific tweet, you won’t be able to make enough impression in your reader’s mind. For instance: “The secret to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks” would be better than “The secret to lose your weight fast” because the first tweet is very specific, while the last is just vague.

2. Give Benefit To Your Followers

Most people read only tweets that give benefit to themselves. Remember that most of your Twitter followers don’t know much about you. So, they are following you out of expectation that you will give them something that can benefit them. Think carefully before you tweet because it can either lead your readers to unfollow you or keep following you. The surest way to keep your followers engaged with you is to give real benefit to them in your tweet. So, make sure that your link can benefit your followers so that they feel motivated to click it.

3. Include Simple Call To Action

Call to action is still important even in Twitter. Without call to action, people will just read your tweet without wanting to click on your link. You need to direct your followers to do something. This is important if you want to make people click on your link. Creating a simple call to action such as “follow this link” will give you a much better result than writing a tweet without call to action at all. So, don’t forget to include a simple 2 or 3 words call to action to attract people’s interest toward your link.

4. Ask A Question

Ask a question and give your link as an answer for that question. This is a good strategy to make people want to click your link. But, remember that your question needs to be good enough to stimulate your audience’s curiosity. Remember that a mere question can’t make people want to answer it. There are many unanswered questions that people don’t care about. The only question that will make your followers want to find out about the answer is the question that will lead them to the ultimate solution for the problem that they have right now. If you can give this type of question, you’ll be able to direct people’s interest toward your link.

5. Inspire Your Followers

Another way to make people want to click on your link is to inspire your followers with bits of information that will help them to open their mind. Remember that there are already abundance of motivational information that people can get anywhere, whether online or offline. You need the type of information that can really inspire your followers in a different way. You need to give your inspiration in your own unique way. In this way, you can really make people pay attention toward your tweet and click on your link.

Those are 5 tips to make people read your tweet and follow your link. Whatever product that you promote, you should apply the tips above in order for you to succeed in promoting your product on Twitter.

The Musical Twitter

5 Tips To Keep Your Followers Engaged With You

Do you want to keep your Twitter followers and prevent them from unfollowing you like crazy? Do you want to keep adding more followers to your Twitter account every day? The secret is to keep your followers engaged with you on Twitter. This is what most people are struggling about. They are struggling to stay in touch with their followers, thinking that their followers will just read every tweet that they are writing on Twitter. No, it’s not like that. Twitter is a social media platform. If you want to keep a solid reputation there, you need to interact with your followers. Here are 5 tips to keep your followers engaged with you on Twitter:

1. Don’t Tweet About Yourself Too Often

What you need to do on Twitter is to tweet about something that benefits your followers. If you keep tweeting about yourself too often, it will only make your followers feel annoyed with you. Why is it happen? That’s because your Twitter followers are unlike your Facebook friends. In Facebook, you can post about your personal life and your friends will be happy with it because they know you personally. In Twitter, your followers are mostly strangers who don’t know you personally, so it is not important for you to tweet about yourself too often. In fact, it will only make people want to unfollow you immediately.

2. Avoid Tweeting Short Words That Don’t Have Any Specific Meaning

Your tweets should convey a useful message for your followers. It can be in any form: inspiration, humor, tips, tricks, question and answer, etc. Don’t post tweet that is meaningless such as “I win” “yay” “yes” and so on. Think before you tweet. Ask this question before you publish your tweet: “Will my followers find this tweet useful?” Then, if you are positive about it, you can publish it. In this way, you will keep your Twitter account valuable and reputable, which will attract more and more followers to it every day.

3. Avoid Tweeting About Trending Topic That Is Not Related With Your Niche

If you are targeting certain niche on Twitter, you should be aware to keep your tweets related with your niche. For instance, if you are running a Twitter account about relationship tips, you should keep tweeting about relationship tips in your Twitter account. Avoid being carried away by the trending topic that interests you personally. If it’s not related with your niche and your follower’s interest, then you should avoid tweeting about the trending topic no matter how interested you are to it personally.

4. Retweet Other Tweets And Mention Your Followers

You should do a lot of retweets and get in touch with your followers frequently. Why is it important? That’s because it will prove to others that you are a real Twitter user, not a bot. If you keep tweeting without retweeting anything from others, then it won’t give you any good reputation in Twitter. The more activity that you have, the more interesting you will look on Twitter. You should also get into the conversation with your followers to keep them engaged with you.

5. Reply To Your Follower’s Mention And Direct Message

It is important not to neglect your followers if you want to keep them with you. When they reply to your tweet, you should reply back with your response. Also, when you send DM to your followers, it is better to quickly answer it back. It only takes few seconds or few minutes to answer a mention or DM. Think about it. If you neglect your followers, they will in turn neglect you, and it will be bad for your Twitter reputation.

Those are 5 tips to keep your followers engaged with you on Twitter. Follow those tips to attract more and more followers to your Twitter account.


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    • CraftytotheCore profile image


      4 years ago

      These are very useful and helpful tips. I have dabbled in Twitter, but never really got the hang of it. Thanks for sharing these tips.

    • Maira818 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Los Angeles, Ca

      Glad you found it interesting William. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts :)

    • William Ziegler profile image

      William Ziegler 

      5 years ago from Erie, Pennsylvania

      Very Interesting Hubs. I am into social networking. I slowly building my twitter account. I liked number "4. Retweet Other Tweets And Mention Your Followers" I never thought about the bots.

      Thanks .


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