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10 Quick and Easy Tips for Women To Save Money

Updated on January 5, 2010

Save some money!

1. Cosmetics - Buy the drugstore brand

Women average about $600 a year on cosmetics. The counters in department stores are so inviting with all of the stylish photos of beautiful models, classy cosmetic cases holding the latest colors of lipsticks and funky counter girls waiting to design your face in the latest trend.

But, before you fall for the sexiness of it, consider on average that a MAC eyeshadow is $13.50 vs. Covergirl which retails at $3.19 at a local drugstore. There are slight differences in the actual product, but since most of us are putting on make up for work instead of walking down the red carpet for paparazzi, the savings can be substantial. One thing that experts do agree on, you get what you pay for with moisturizers. That may be one item to splurge on, especially if you have sensitive skin.

You still don't have to give up going to the department store make up counters all together, go ask for a makeover at the MAC counter and leave a generous tip for the artist helping to teach you how to apply make up, then take the advice to a drugstore and save some money!

Check out a tiny article from ABC Good Morning America to get an idea on cost differences.

2. Do Not Purchase Cosmetic Brushes at a Make-Up Counter

The best brushes you can own for cosmetics are the same kind that artist's use to paint with. In fact, many cosmetic companies purchase their brushes from the same companies and just change the name on the handle, or the handle itself.  Go to an art store or even an upscale craft store and save big bucks. The brushes are the same, but instead of having the word "Sephora" on the handle of the brush, it may say "Winsor & Newton", and the quality may be even better than what you can find at the finest cosmetic counters.

3. Skip a Fad or Trend This Season

Remember Beanie Babies? How about the little dogs in designer bags, leg warmers, shoulder pads or super expensive designer ripped jeans? Looking back on those very stylish trends, they weren't so great after all. Actually, some of them were downright awful! Save yourself the embarrassment in pictures 10 years from now, and save your wallet big time. Sit this season's big trend out and enjoy others participating from a distance!

4. Get Rid of Cable TV

A friend of mine listed out all of the bills she has to pay each month and cable TV was at the top of the list. I asked how often she watched it to see if it was worth the money. It turns out, she doesn't watch it nearly enough to justify the large bill.  Most of the news she gets is on the internet, which has a wider variety of news sources to choose from. Movies, she complained are constantly on re-runs so she really only gets one new movie a week if she's lucky.

Rent DVD's or download. It's cheaper, more convenient and gives you more options. Or, as an alternative, imagine all of those books you could catch up on reading or paintings that you've always wanted to start. Now is your chance to save money and pull your eyeballs out of the glowing box!

5. Take Vitamins and Walk

Preventative health care saves big stacks of cash in the long run. Make sure to go to yearly doctor visits and get your teeth cleaned regularly. Prevent heart disease by eating well and exercising. Help the environment while you're at it by opting to walk or bicycle to the store. This also saves money on gas.  You save money and we all benefit from it!

6. Cook At Home

It's very tempting to go out to eat to relieve stress and pamper yourself. But, it costs a lot of money. By eating in, not only do you save money, but you also know what you're putting in your mouth.  This can be beneficial in maintaining or losing weight. Make a romantic dinner at home by lighting a candle and turning on your favorite tunes.  Perhaps reward yourself by investing in new music for each meal you eat in. 

7. Try on Your Size, But Don't Buy It!

Go to your favorite store without your wallet, but bring a pen instead. Try on your favorite fashions, write down the size that fits you and the style number of the garment. Then, go home and open up Ebay. Type in the relevant information and see if your clothing is on sale. Usually, you can get great deals and pay as much as 1/4 less than what is in the store. This either means big savings, or more clothes!

8. Get Good At Window Shopping

Enjoy looking at new merchandise - through glass.  Wander the mall or walk around the city and look at window displays but refrain from going inside. Make it a cozy journey, perhaps bring tea or coffee and a snack with you as you wander around. Once you give into it, looking at the artful displays is quite enjoyable - they even make coffee table books about some of the designers who create the window installations!  Many women actually believe window shopping is as satisfying as compulsive purchasing because they get to be around all the latest merchandise without opening their wallet. 

9. Go To Starbucks Less Often

For all of you Starbucks lovers, this one hurts. Sometimes there's nothing that satiates the hunger of wanting to sit in a calm, soothing environment with a fluffy drink and a smooth table for your laptop. I know people who spend $15 a day at Starbucks. That's a lot of dough.

Consider investing in one of their fancy travel mugs with a lid and make your own drink to wander around with. If you're a tea drinker, buy a box of tea from Starbucks, which is much cheaper than purchasing individual cups and if you bring tea bags with you, they'll give you hot water in a mug for free! If you reuse your cup or bring in a travel mug, they'll also give you a discount. It all adds up!

10. Find Free or Cheap Dates

Just because your saving money and on a budget, there's no reason for romance to take a back seat. There's plenty of fun things to do for couples (or by yourself) that require little or no money. Some are mentioned above, others are mentioned in my hub, "Recession Romance". Ideas include free evenings at museums or concerts in the park.  Hold hands with your partner and laugh with joy at all the money you'll be able to save!


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