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5 Ways To Make Money In College

Updated on July 30, 2010

How to make some extra cash while going to school

College is about independence and freedom, and with that comes financial freedom as well.  You can spend your money whenever you want on whatever you want to spend it on.  Unfortunately, that's where most college kids hit trouble.  They forget that they need to buy things like food and shampoo when they're spending their entire paycheck on clothes and such.  That leaves them with no cash and two weeks until their next paycheck.  Well fear not because there are plenty of things you can do to make a little extra cash in a bind.

#1 - Laundry

Surprisingly, most students don't want to do their own laundry.  This is where you can make a lot of extra cash since you have to do yours anyways.  It's extra helpful if you have an apartment with a washing machine.  Tell people that if they drop off all of their laundry to you, you'll wash, dry, and fold it all for them for a small fee.  It doesn't take much work and there's a lot of down time so you can get some studying in.  You can set the fee depending on the amount of laundry they give you or on how much you think you can get out of the sucker.  A fair price would probably be about 20 dollars for a week's worth of laundry.  Be careful about the pricing if you use a laundromat because it can get expensive quick and you still want a profit.  Also, if you have multiple clients, make sure to keep their clothes separated to avoid someone getting back the wrong underwear.

#2 - Give Blood

Donating blood is a good way to make money because it requires no effort on your part and you get free cookies.  You can normally make about 35-40 dollars per pint .  Make sure you look up the blood bank you are donating to because some are voluntary.  A good website is  The only tricky part about this is that there are some requirements.  For example, you can't give blood if you do illegal drugs.  If you meet all of the requirements though, it's a pretty simple way to make 40 bucks in an hour.

#3 - Tutoring

If there's a subject or class that you're particularly good at, find people who are not good at it and offer to help.  People who are on a scholarship are normally the best candidates, especially if it's not an academic one.  They need the grade to keep their scholarship and would be willing to pay for your help.  A few days before a test, offer to give them a cram session for 50 bucks.  If they trust that you can help them, they'll pay it.  You can also get together a group of people and charge 10 bucks a head.  Not only do you make money off it, but teaching them will probably help you too, even if you think you don't need it.

#4 - Write a Blog

You can write a blog about whatever you want and it's free to do.  Sign up with a blog website, such as, and start writing about virtually anything.  You can then place ads on your blog and whenever an ad is clicked on, you get paid.  You can join a site such as Google AdSense and they will put the ads on there for free and send you a check when you reach a certain amount of money.

#5 - Designated Driver

If you have a car, it is an awesome way to make money.  A lot of college students are of drinking age and like to go to bars and parties, but don't have a way to get home.  Offer to drive them home for 5 or 10 dollars a person, depending on how many people you're driving and how far you have to go to get them.  Although, if you end up going to the party too, make sure you don't drink ANYTHING because if you do, there goes your payday and now all of you are stranded.

These are just 5 examples of things you can do you pick up some extra cash at school.  There are tons of other things you can do.  Be creative.  Think of things you would pay to have other people do for you if you had excess money.  It's pretty surprising what will pay for.  Good luck!


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