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12 Things I Wish I Had Known About Money When I Was Younger

Updated on November 25, 2014

Look At Me Now... I'm Getting Paper!

12. I wish I would have known that there would be days when money would run low, friends would disappear, and family would turn cold. Somehow there's a sense of entitlement when financial security is present, a feeling of needing no one. Funny thing is, that seems to be when everyone is around the most.

Buy Me. You Know You Want To.

11. If every time I looky looky there's spendy spendy, then my pockets will remain empty empty. When I was younger, I unconsciously purchased everything I wanted. I never gave any thought to having enough money at the end of the day let alone the end of the month. I assumed that at the end of the day, if I didn't have it then someone I knew did and that of course, they'd give it to me.

My Credit Card Has an Evil Alter Ego

10. Good credit does not mean building a mountain of debt by owing anyone willing to lend money. It's building a good reputation, and using the responsibility given to consistently uphold and maintain what was agreed upon.

1+1 is 2.... Right?

9. I wish I had been a little better at Math. If I had, I would have known that the people to keep in my circle were the ones that added to it, not took away, especially when that person was not only an emotional burden but a financial one as well.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Wisest of Them All?

8. I wish I would have taken to account my future a bit more. I lived day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month and so on. I never took into account any sort of financial planning for the future. Developing a financial plan never occurred to me. I was too wrapped up in being cool and having a good time.

Gotta Wait Problem. Can't Wait to Eat.

7. I wish I would have learned how to cook. I should have demanded - no because I'm not sure I'd still be alive. Okay, I should have pleaded with my mom to let me stay in the kitchen while she was cooking. Because then, I wouldn't have spent the majority of my time in places that if spent long enough can amount to half a person's salary just to get a decent meal. I have to admit. I'm much better at it now then I was when I was younger. Directions, burnt dinners, and starvation from lack of edible foods did help - very grateful, yes.

Save a Little, Get a Lot.

6. I wish I would have learned about savings and investments early on. I somehow figured I was too poor to invest or save money. But if I would have saved a little consistently, it would have built up over time.

Hobbies Create Millionaires

5. Instead of trying to be cool and impress others by buying items that were trendy and fashionable, I could have just invested in myself and focused on doing a cheap hobby that in return could have led to a profitable side business or an even lucrative major one.

Sacrifices Need To Be Made?

4. Hold up. Hold up. I have to do without what I want to actually get what I want. That type of talk sounded absurd to me. Sometimes it still does. Separating my needs from my wants was never really something I was good at. But I totally get it now and it makes sense. Just because I have the money and want to buy it, doesn't mean it's a good idea to purchase it. In fact, the best idea would be to find out how I could make the money work for me to where later on I've used that money to obtain more.

Living Life How You Feel is Not Real.

3. There are somethings that just make us happy. A certain type of food, a favorite kind of sweater, an exotic type of perfume, or just simple home cooked meal. Whatever it may be, things tickle our fancy. What better way for something to tickle my fancy than when I'm feeling down? I had a habit of doing something routine weekend that involved having a certain type of drink with a good movie and a quiet atmosphere. I realized as I got older, that little spout of happiness was costing me big time.

Your Credit is a Shark - It Can Eat You Alive

2. I wish I had known that not paying attention to my credit or my credit score would cost me thousands in interest, numerous rejection letters and calls, as well as dozens of disapprovals when it came to desiring to live comfortably.

Be Thankful for Everything

1. I should have took everything in and just been more appreciative of what I had. I would have took care of things better, made stuff last longer, and thought twice before desiring and spending more. I would have done less to get more stuff and done more to spend less time on rebuilding my credit, appreciating my current situation, and earning a better paying job. I'm paying for what I wish I knew about money. But I'm just glad I was able to open up to change and turn things around.


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