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15 Ways to Make at Least $500 Dollars a Month or More!

Updated on July 8, 2021
Kristine Manley profile image

Kris Manley is a blogger, author, and speaker. She's a guest on radio in the U.S., Canada, and overseas, as well as a guest on network TV.

Financial Stability for Home and Family

The Importance of Having Diverse "Money Pots."

For some, making ends meet financially is tiring, depressing, hard, and time consuming. It takes perseverance and creativity to “create” extra income – this feat is not for the lazy. Recommendations would be to brainstorm your gifts and talents, then to find out what people are looking for and/or need. Look around you, find out if you can solve a problem, do you have information that is valuable and that others can use. What do companies pay for to help expand their products or services? Here are some avenues to explore that can earn you some extra cash. At this present time, multiple streams of income will keep you and your family afloat. While others depend on one job that might or might not end, some have had the forethought to create additional income in the event of a downturn in the economy.

1. Sell Reports

This is one on the easiest items to sell. Why? Because reports do not come with delivery fees or postal costs. They can be downloaded from a website or sent via e-mail. Portable Document Format or PDF is a recommended way to deliver reports. Price your reports “comfortably” so that people can afford them, as well as making sure you offer prime information that people can use immediately; no fluff, please. Do make sure your reports are less than 10 pages, i.e., between five to seven pages. If you do not have a website find websites in which to sell your reports, e.g., is a great place to sell. You are probably wondering where you get reports to sell. You may search the Internet for reports you can resell or you can write your own. Remember I talked about information you might have that people may need – put that information into a report or several reports. If you choose to write your own reports here is a good place to start – Microsoft Word has some great document templates.

2. Sell Lists

What list of things can you create that people can use? Do you have a list of items that parents can use? Do you have a list of children’s scholarships? Make sure your list(s) are substantial. If you have a niche that no one else has possibly thought about, take advantage/capitalize on it. Surf the Internet to see what lists are out there for resale.

3. Sell Services

What are you capable of doing? Can you create book trailers? Can you develop resumes? Are you a graphic artist and can create logos, banners, or ads for companies? Can you create book covers for authors? If you enjoy reading, offer book review services. Check out and be amazed at what people are selling for $5.00 dollars and you can do the same.

4. Sell Ad Space on Your Vehicle

Have you ever seen ads on cars and wondered why in the world would someone drive such a vehicle. That’s because that person driving that vehicle is getting paid anywhere from $70 to $500 dollars per month. Your vehicle does not have to be, what is called, totally wrapped with an ad, but can have ads on the back window only, or on the sides of the vehicle only. Check out, Wrapify and Carvertise. Recommendation: If you have two vehicles, use the one you don’t mind having the ads on. Note: Some advertisers would like ads to remain on vehicles for approximately 2 to 3 years, but just think, you can apply the finances toward a car note or to reduce other debt.

5. Be a Voice Actor or Actress or Create Audio Books for Authors

Believe it or not there are agencies looking for voice talent. If you think you’ve got voice talent create your free online profile at,, or Before you pursue this avenue you might want to take a voice over class. Another great way to gain some voice experience is to do radio interviews or volunteer as a deejay. For some practice, purchase a good microphone, and begin to create MP3s of you reading aloud. Recommendation for a microphone: Blue Microphones Yeti.

6. Teach a Class in Person or Online

If you have knowledge of something, share it. Contact your local college or university and see what their needs are. Also, check out your local career center/academy and offer to teach a class. The fee will probably be split between you and the college or career center, but who cares? Check out ComplianeOnline where you can give webinars on line and share the proceeds with ComplianceOnline. This is a great way to make passive income. If you have a blog or another type of website you can also participate in ComplianceOnline’s affiliate program.

7. Sell E-books

People are making loads of money everyday by writing and selling ebooks. Do you know something that others don’t know? Do you have a story to tell? If you do, write about it. These are some of my e-books below, and both have received 5-Star reviews from Reader's Favorite and one is a Mom's Choice Award Gold recipient - cheap plug, I know!

E-book: The Fragrance of a Girl's World

The Fragrance of a Girl's World
The Fragrance of a Girl's World | Source

Resumes for Children - 17 Years Old and Under

Resumes for Children - 17 Years Old and Under
Resumes for Children - 17 Years Old and Under | Source

8. Clean Parking Lots and Other Commercial Properties

Really? Yes, people are making a six-figure salary, and have been for years, just picking up trash from parking lots and other properties. Commercial properties, strip mall - shopping centers, small office complexes, and single tenant buildings. You can walk and pick up litter early in the morning or after hours when employees have gone home for the day. Get a contract with a property management company for an hourly rate, and get as many properties as you can handle. Hourly rates can range from $30.00 to $50.00 an hour. Check out Clean Lots.

9. A Resume Truck

Yes, a resume truck. This will take some investment. If you are fantastic at resume development start a resume truck. “Trick” the truck out with at least two (2) computers, printers (2), Internet access, electricity, a sofa for people to comfortably wait, desk and chairs, and wall art. You might want to have a small cooler to offer bottled water (free). Park it at Dept. of Labors, if allowed, and at job fairs. Have the cost for the services for one to two page resumes. Let the potential client choose from five (5) templates that you have, and only print out five (5) copies of the finished product and place in a manila envelop for the client, and don’t forget to place some of your business cards in the manila envelop as well. No cash is accepted only credit and debit cards, so you’ll need accounts such as Square or PayPal for Businesses (most popular). Most people have an email address, so just email the finished resume as well to the clients’ email address. Suggestion: the five (5) resume templates can be sample resumes that are posted on the wall, and are 16 X 20 poster size. This visual is effective, and a “cool” way to display what an individual’s resume will look like. Have job magazines on a table, and no music whatsoever – you do not need any distractions.

10. Write for Greeting Card Companies

Yes, People still buy greeting cards. I sold a “saying” to Oatmeal Studies, and the company created sticky notes from that saying. Check out submittal guidelines for these greeting cards companies: Oatmeal Studios, Blue Mountain, Papyrus, Viabella.

11. Pet Reader, i.e., reading to pets

Yes, read to pets. There are pets that are sick and shut-in. There are pets that are lonely when their owners leave them for an extended period of time. Take your pet reading on the road to pet shelters and other agencies that take care of pets, i.e., kennels, veterinarians, pet daycares, Groomers, the ASPCA. Begin collecting books on dogs, cats, birds, etc. Have pet library - will travel. People pay upwards of $1,000 a month for the care of their animals. Create your reading services along with hourly rates and payment options. Create a list of raving fans of your pet reading service. Create a pet reading website. Create your business cards. Create flyers. Create a social media buzz. Advertise your pet reading service at pet stores. Oh, this is a good one, make a Pet Reading video for an advertisement and put it on YouTube.

12. Rent Out Your Land

Do you have an old lot or some other property that is not working for you? If you do, then rent your property to an ice machine company. Yes, you’ve seen those ice vending machines standing alone by the side of roads. Those are providing landowners extra income. Check out Kooler Ice.

13. Rent Out Your Land to Cell Phone Companies

It’s all in the numbers. Is your property located in an area where there is a dense population? If it is, then your land will be more attractive to cell phone operators than a plot of land in a remote area that is hard to access.

Location, Location, Location!

If your land is attractive to cell phone companies because it sits higher than other parcels of land then great for you. Cell phone towers need to be raised high in order for the waves to transmit efficiently and effectively.

Land Regulations

Investigate land regulations in your city or county. Before approaching any cell phone company ensure your land meets applicable regulations. Contact your local development and planning office for details. If your land does meet the regulations for the lease you are looking for then contact cell phone companies with a proposal to lease your land. Cell phone companies may have an online application for you to fill out. If interested in your land the company will probably have your land evaluated, and thus begin the process of a lease agreement with you. An example, a cell phone company can pay you upwards of $2,000 a month or more in rent just for placing a cell phone tower on it. That’s a sweet deal. You can be assured of long-term monthly income.

14. Be an Analyst for AskWonder

On this platform you research answers to questions people ask, now it’s much more in-depth than coming up with a one sentence answer. Register for free with, look for questions, research and gather answers. A great way to find answers is to copy and paste the question in Google and see what answers are generated. Place your answers in a paragraph, whether small or large, then submit your answers and get paid. It is possible to make $50 to $200 in minutes.

15. Write and Submit Articles to Websites

This is a great time to research what websites are looking for informative articles that can help their readers. Not only will writing and submitting articles bring in some income, but writing can increase your vocabulary, increase your knowledge base, and hone your research skills. Some websites looking for informative articles are:

  • Hubpages
  • Listverse
  • WanderLust
  • Great Escape Publishing
  • Alaska Airlines Magazine
  • Delta Sky Magazine
  • Vibrant Life
  • Guideposts
  • Chicken Soup for the Soul
  • AARP
  • Tor
  • Clarks World

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2020 Kristine Manley


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