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2011 Tax Information For Small Businesses And The Self-Employed

Updated on January 30, 2011

If you are own a small business and are worrying about preparing your 2011 tax you can find what you need at the IRS website on the link for Small Business and Self-Employed.  They give many sources and tools devised to assist people in this category.  There are many forms, applications and information to be found at the website that can assist the small business owner to find imperative tax information pertaining to owning a business from the new business owner to one that has been in business many years. 

Small Business Self Employment Tax
Small Business Self Employment Tax

A small business owner can also attend online tax workshops with video.  They can also find presentations done in audio.  These will prepare the business owner for IRS audits and will give them a calendar created for taxpayers that own a small business.

If you have question pertaining to your taxes, you can learn about any topic through a portal the IRS has designed.  You can find video and audio on any tax subject you may have questions on.  There are archived items such as webinars that may interest you and be of assistance.  

One of the videos that may help is "Your Guide to an IRS Audit”.  This video will walk the taxpayer step by step through an audit from the moment of notification. It presents scenarios of people going through the different stages of the audits.   It also presents issues that are commonly associated with small businesses. 

The workshop is an interactive guide to assist small businesses to learn about rights and liabilities. The workshop is accessible online 24 /7 or you can order it can also be ordered for free on CD.

Tax Calendars are available for Small Businesses and Self-Employed – Publication 1518 – it can be ordered online or printed as a PDF file.  This year long calendar is loaded with helpful information to assist the business owner on such things as all the taxes and filing dates.  Each month will pin point various tax issues and give tips that may assist the business owner.   There are also places to write notes on the pages or write down important tax dates and appointments.

How do sucessfully keep your tax records during the year?

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