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Ways To Make Money With Little To No Investment

Updated on February 21, 2014

So You're Looking To Make Some Money?

This topic is something that has been growing in popularity in recent years due to the pinch on everyones finances, I myself have been intrigued by this "way of life" for a number of years now since the age of 14. I have and continue to use these following tips to earn money to spend on extras such as entertainment and days out, but also to add a healthy boost to my main income sources. There is no secrets on how to follow these steps, it's just about knowing them and learning how to apply them in the real world to get some fantastic results. Take a seat, grab your notepad or open up your phone and take down some of these tips that you can apply, and lets make you some extra cash!

"Money Doesn't Grow On Trees"

So I'm sure you have heard the age old saying "Money Doesn't Grow On Trees" now I don't agree, a large numbers of individuals earn their livings from trees and the delights that they produce. In the seasons of various fruits you can take a trip down to your local farm or farmers market and ask around if anyone requires any help and will pay in either cash or food. You may be looking for cash, but who would turn down a huge basket of fruit for an afternoons work? You can feed your family and lower the grocery bill at the same time, that's a great deal in my book!

Garage Sales

Probably one of the most popular ways that people make some quick easy money, for one reason they are easy to do, don't cost much to set up and you can clear out any unwanted items that are cluttering up your home. Advertise in your local business' with some fliers, talk to friends and family and let them know what's happening so they can pass on the information. All that is left is to set up your tables and take in that money!

Hidden Gems

Carrying on from the garage sale theme we have collectibles and valuable items. Ever wondered if your old styled furniture or ornament is a collectible or worth a considerable amount of money? well find out! Gather all of your items that you think are collectible and take them to a local expert. You can usually get free quotes and estimates and you can learn a little about the item at the same time too. You can either sell the item to the expert or host it on a site like eBay or advertise it locally for collectors in the area to purchase. If you have multiple experts in your area take your items to them, it's a good idea to get as many valuations as possible to find out what your item is really worth.

Sharing Your Expertise

With the ability to work from home rapidly growing yearly because of the internet, what's stopping you using some online resources to earn some extra money? If you have some expertise and experience in highly demanded areas then take to online websites such as Elance, there you can find work for almost any career choice with flexible working hours and a good payout! Use writing websites such as Hubpages and Triond to publish your work, you can earn some extra cash and improve your reading and writing skills, a perfect way to kill two birds with one stone.


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    • GreenPrince profile image

      Prince Edike 4 years ago from Philippines

      Good job adamowen. Teaching is also a good way to earn extra income. That's what i do especially now that good teachers are scarce.