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3 Ways of Generating Passive Income

Updated on February 22, 2012

We all dream of the day when we can have a margarita on the beach and still be making money with no effort. We all want that extra money to pay off our debt or buy our kids the latest gadgets. What if I told you, you can do those things? Generating a precise, passive income is not impossible with a little effort and organization, you can make those dreams a reality. There are some proper ways to make the passive income you have been thinking about.

Vending Business:

Thinking about passive income sometimes you have to think “out of the box” with a vending machine business that is one way to do that. This is an excellent investment that can generate a significant source of income. Initially it will take a little money to setup and get going. The average vending machine for soda, candy, or snacks can be purchased form anywhere to 200 to 500 dollars per machine. Then it cost a little more to fill the machine up with the products that you desire usually around 50 dollars. Once you have purchased the machines and filled them with the product you can make about 75 dollars per machine per month. This can add up quickly to a delightful little profit.

Every business usually has one vending machine, if they have one you can probably offer an alternative for them. Usually the owner will want a small percentage of the profits earned usually 10% but negotiable. As this machine will also bring in customers to their business, so the benefits pay off for both of you and the owners of the business you place it in.

Web- Content

Some people like to turn hobbies into a passive income generating machine. Some people have hobbies like Trains, photography, stock trading or even writing. There are plenty of do it yourself options when it comes to the web. As well as revenue sharing sites that have already done the leg work for you and you just need to place the content. It can be anything that you are adept at, information, or photography. Either way there should be lots of them, and this will help draw the traffic in.

Automated eBay Selling

Ebay is an excellent place to sell items. With, more than 5 million hits per day people are always on there looking for stuff they need. You may have to do a little research on a product or find a wholesaler willing to ship the product for you but, once it is setup, it will automatically post your goods and draw people to your Ebay store this is a perfect passive income.


With the ability, of the average Joe to start investing with an online broker you can generate a passive income from stocks, bond, and other sources. Again everything takes money to make money but with enough research into the right company those dividends will start paying off in no time.

Take your time when looking for the perfect passive income stream and you can make your dreams a reality to.


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    mikeydcarroll67 5 years ago

    These are definitely great tips to use!