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3 Ways to Save Money, so You Have Money to Invest

Updated on July 3, 2017

nvesting is important to helping you gain wealth and provide a better future for yourself and your loved ones. But to do that, you need to have money to invest. You can get money to invest by saving. Here are three ways to save money, so you have money to invest.

1) Use rewards programs and coupons wisely.

Shopping for food, clothing, and gifts can take a lot of money. But there are ways to save money while still buying the same amount of stuff, like taking advantage of rewards programs and coupons. Rewards programs like the Target Red card give discounts or give you some money after you've spent a certain amount of money. Coupons work the same way. The difference between the discount and the full price is the amount you saved. Set that money aside for personal investing. But be sure that you are actually saving. Even with a coupon, the store brand might be cheaper.

2) Cancel your gym membership.

Exercise and healthy living is important, but you don't need a gym membership for a healthy lifestyle. Go for morning runs and use a standing desk instead. Push-ups and sit-ups are great to do at home and you can find videos on Youtube for yoga, aerobic dancing, and more customized workouts for your fitness goals. When in doubt, burpees are a great, full body workout that will get you seeing results fast. And you only need a small amount of floorspace to use them.

3) Make your own coffee.

Coffee is something almost all of us love and need. But buying Starbucks everyday can really start to add up. However, brewing coffee at home costs only about $0.27 a cup. Invest in a french press for a cost-effective and high quality coffee taste. You can find articles online on how to make the perfect cup of coffee, and also how to make your own lattes and cappuccinos for a fraction of coffeeshop prices.

Set all of your savings aside so you won't spend them elsewhere. And that is now your investment money.


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    • Rbostick profile image

      Rick Bostick 5 months ago from Spearsville, LA

      It's the simple things that we don't think to much about that end up costing the most. Great advice Kara!