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4 Easy Ways to Make Extra Cash

Updated on March 18, 2012

My 4 Easy Ways of Making Extra Money

For me it seems that occasionally I need some extra cash. I might want a new surfboard or maybe I am thinking that I would like to save up a little extra cash so I can take a trip. That is what usually motivates me to get off my you know what and do something that creates that extra money that I need.

My father always told us that we had to learn to hustle if we wanted to get ahead in this world.

One of the easiest ways that I have found to generate extra money is to look around your home and get rid of some of the things that you might not need. While this seems to be a very simplistic way to look at the issue. Lets try to expand on the issue. Maybe you don't have a lot of stuff that you can sell? But I bet your aunt, uncle or friend might have a basement of stuff that needs to go to the curb?

I know this sound simple because it is. Lots of folks need help these days.

Be straight with them , you could offer to split the profits of any of the things that were to be sold. Yes I realize this isn't some high tech way to make big bucks. But I used this method to make over 5 grand in one month. I helped people clean their yards and sell their old cars and boats. Its a little harder to do this in certain areas. But I have been able to make extra cash almost at will this way. Its takes a little skill and the people that you help have to trust you to allow you in their homes.

So that is the first and easiest way that I can generate cash almost on demand.

The second way isn't a secret either Its called recycling. Amazingly I collect cans and bottles. The longer you keep them the more they are worth. Many of the old schoolers collect and recycle everything that is of value. Copper brass etc etc. If you are always looking for liquid cash this can be a great way to have some pocket change. Yes their are draw backs. But these are ways that regular people can make extra money. You don't really have to have a degree to make a handful of cash you just have to be creative and collect a lot of cans or bottles. They ad up I am always amazed when we do our recycling at how much money we end up with. If we put a little effort and clean up the road by our home it usually doubles our money. Much better odds than gambling! Its really free money.

The third way I make money is online. Producing content for different website such as hub pages , yahoo, Triond etc. This takes some time and a bit of skill. Almost anyone can make a little extra money creating content online even me ! The real nice part about this is you are still making money even when you are surfing. Most networks pay you a percentage of what they make on your article.

After a while you will have 100s of articles and depending on what you write about you will be making extra money. Most people do make money not a lot but steady income that keeps coming even when you are at your regular job. Think of creative ways that you can create interesting articles that people will want to read.

My fourth method isn't for everyone but is works for me almost always. Heres one of my examples. You will be able to use your own skills and creativity to think of ways you can do a the same thing that I do. Ok I admit I was desperate for cash . I noticed that the feed store had a hide pile of dirt that they had been selling in bags. Come to find out that the employees didn't like to fill the bags with dirt for the owner. Ah Ha ! I told the owner that I could fill more bags in one hr than their employees could do all day. Of course I already knew I wasn't going to make any friends. I told that owner that I would and could bag 2 pallets in around an hr. You guessed it they laughed at me. I am 50 some years old and I am saying that I can work harder and more efficiently than someone that is 25.

Well I am very confident and I like a challenge. I said I would do it for 50 cents a bag cash. At the end of about an hr. I completed my task 2 pallets of bagged dirt and he offered me a job as manager of the place. He barley knew me. But I suppose he figured if I could show up his staff in one hr. that maybe I could whip them into shape also.

You can use this similar tactic with your skills. I am not afraid to tell people what I am good at and what I still need work on. I believe that some people respect that and can see people that are serious about taking pride in their work. Even if it may be bagging dirt. I know I said 4 easy ways. But you have to understand I grew up working I had a job when I was 11 years old. These stories are meant to stimulate your creativity because that is what surviving in this world is all about. Even more these days you have you be creative and willing to do things that other may not want to do. At least that is how I have been able to get almost any job because I will strive work harder than the rest. I show up on time I stay late I too all the carp that no one else wants to do. No I am not liked by many at work, but I didn't take the job to make friends. I was hired to do a specific job and thats what I will do.

These are the 4 primary ways that I use to make cash almost any day that I want to. They are not big secret methods and they take more braun than brains but making money is not always about getting a job. Try to think of creative ways to generate cash. Think of ways you can honestly help people, I know that sounds sort of weird. But you don't have to take advantage of people to earn lots of money. You just have to be creative and work!


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  • coolbreeze profile image

    Rik Rodriguez 5 years ago from Hawaii

    That is a great idea, maybe I could rent out my pet pig ;-)

  • kuttingxedge profile image

    S.P. Kelly 5 years ago from Just outside of international extradition agreements

    I loved this Coolbreeze! Seriously, I relate to the hustle-if-wanna-make-it philosophy. Creativity and moxie are the tricks to getting noticed. Thanks for sharing.

  • mary615 profile image

    Mary Hyatt 5 years ago from Florida

    Good Hub on earning extra cash. I just wrote a Hub on making money by renting out household and garden items. When you have time check it out. I'm making extra money by renting out stuff. I tried recyling cans, but I live so far from the recyling place, I used too much gas to get there for the money I made.