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4 Reasons Not To Worry

Updated on April 27, 2012

Every one of us has at one time or the other worried over one thing or the other! Within the short space of time I’ve lived, I’ve seen and come around people that worry has become their second nature. They see it as a way of life and approach to getting things done.

But here’s the truth: “Worry is a slow poison” It is cancer to the soul! It is a joy killer and sucks life out of its victims. If this sounds like you, don’t worry I write not to condemn you but to show you reasons you need not worry! Below are things you should carefully ponder on - why you shouldn’t worry.

Worries Don’t Produce Answer to Problems

Worry itself is a problem that adds to the problem at hand! It is simply a result of uncontrolled doubt or fear about the outcome of a particular thing or of what the future holds. Instead of being opened to answers, worry clouds your judgment and prevents you from thinking straight. I don’t believe we are created to be confused beings because that is exactly what worry is all about – a confused state of mind. It is our responsibility to overcome our worries by making a deliberate choice not to worry.

I want you to think through the times you’ve worried about a matter and mounted pressure on yourself and ask yourself if you were able to provide solution to what you were worried about! Most likely not! Worries are just enemies to the solution. While it is fine to have concerns about an issue, concerns that span a long period of time soon become worries. These are two different things entirely. One is a positive thought about a matter while the latter is nothing but a fruitless and release of negative energy. I have heard people say just take a few minutes out of each day to worry, and then move on! That can’t be anything further from the truth. If you can continue the rest of the day without being worried then you certainly can live the whole day without it, after all it’s an unproductive exercise.

Few years ago, I used to worry a lot about things that seem wrong but one day I discovered that every moment I engaged in worrying is a step further away from the outcome intended. Immediately I came to the conclusion that there isn’t anything productive in it. Sometimes, all we need is self-assessment and that will be sufficient. So, the next time anxiety or worry knocks at your door, refuse to open your door (heart). You have all the power within you to resist it.

Worry Makes its Victims Miserable

Watch out for people who can’t help but worry, it’s always difficult to be around them. All they release is this negative energy that says get away from me! The sad part is that often time they are not even aware of the effect it has on those around them.

People who worry are frustrated people and portray the look that nothing works. They feel empty and think that everything and everybody is against them. Unknown to them, they repel helpers because all they can see is the problem.

Worry Deprives You of Enjoying Today

I believe you’ve heard the saying, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift, that’s why they call it the present” That is an absolute truth. You and I can’t do anything about yesterday, we don’t have that much power to step into the past to undo our mistakes neither can we do much about tomorrow (future) other than to plan for it and wait in expectation and be optimistic that our plans will turn out well.

However, there’s a day called today, which is a gift to us and for us to richly enjoy. You’ve got to understand that no one day is alike. Cherish today, love it and enjoy it. But if you choose to worry for the rest of today, you rub yourself of all the joy and goodness that comes with today. My approach is to live today as my last day on earth not because of the fear of death or as someone who has no plans for the future but in a way to appreciate life and make maximum impact in whatever I do.

You have every reason to be happy and not be worried. If what you are worried about is your business not working out has planned, then think of your neighbour who lives next door who doesn’t know where the next meal is coming from. In other words, while your concerns are of importance yet be thankful and while in your condition, touch a life. It makes all the difference! The very act of bringing joy to someone else will spark joy in you.

Worry is a Slow-Killer!

A quick trip to the hospital or careful research to the cause of many sicknesses and diseases will show you that many have become patients in hospitals due to lack of rest and peace of mind which is often caused by worry, which is seen in people who can’t manage their problems.

I’ve always heard this: “If you worry you will die, if you don’t worry you will still die” My next question then is “Why not take the second option and pass away peacefully?” In fact you are more likely to live longer with this option! You really do not have to die before your time. You might be the answer I need tomorrow or even the solution to the economic problems, who knows? Please do yourself a favour and certainly think of the positive impact you can continue to make here in this world.

After all is said, it’s high time you stand against every form of worry. Yes, it’s fine to have concerns about a matter but be careful not to get into worrying. I honestly believe that if you will give careful thoughts to just these four points then you will begin to see life and situations differently.


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    • betteryou profile image

      betteryou 5 years ago from London UK

      Thanks for your comment Bcoziloveu, it's true faith don't work when we worry. We've all got to live by faith.

    • BecauseIloveyou profile image

      BecauseIloveyou 5 years ago from PA USA

      You are very correct: Worry doesn't solve any issues in life, because everything is temporary. Fear/worry is common to people, who have no security. God loves all humans and perfect love casts out all fears, concerns and worries. Fact is : worries squelches faith and without faith/hope we are goners. Great hub!!!!