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4 Things You Should do to Ensure Better Child Development

Updated on July 2, 2016

Why is Focus on Child Development Important?

According to a neurological research, the early years play a very important role in a child's overall development. The first five years are particularly important in a child's mental, social as well as physical growth. This is a very crucial time for parents as well. For the first time, they are introduced to a more responsible world. Parenthood brings a lot of changes in an individual. It is crucial to bond with your newborn because this is what lays the foundation for a better future. In one of his articles, James J. Heckman mentioned that learning begins at infancy. Indeed, it does and parents need to take a lead in helping this learning. So, how do you make this possible?

Give Them a Good Education

It isn’t rocket science to realize that education plays a crucial part in the overall growth of any child. A good education helps in all-round development, rather than being limited to textbook knowledge. It helps in building confidence and good character. So, it becomes very important to enroll your child in a good educational institute with better facilities. It is also important to ensure that your child is in good hands. The teachers should be able to understand children’s traits and behaviors. You should also make sure that your child is happy and comfortable going to that institution. Always encourage them to get involved in activities that the school offers. It can do wonders to their confidence. A study published by the American Psychological Association stresses on the importance of play in early childhood education and the role it plays in the child acquiring various types of skills.

Keep Them Healthy

In a report issued by the WHO, more than 6 million kids under the age of 5 died in 2012 globally. This number comes down to 750 children every hour. While these numbers might be frightening, they do underline the importance of health for children. This does not only mean ensuring that all the needed vaccinations are given on time, it also relates to good nutrition and proper medical guidance whenever there is an illness. Unless you help your little one develop their immunity, children will be prone to minor ailments at frequent intervals, which in turn could impact development.

Provide a Supportive Environment

One of the important factors for maintaining good mental and physical health is to provide your kid with a good environment. A child has the tendency to observe and learn from things around them. Nature plays its part in nurturing them too. Although the nature-nurture debate has been raging for decades, what we can be sure of is that children learn from observing, which is why the environment in which they are brought up plays a crucial role. The National Scientific Council of the Developing Child compared the development of the brain to constructing a house stating, “Just as a lack of the right materials can result in blueprints that change, the lack of appropriate experiences can lead to alterations in genetic plans.”

Get Term Insurance

All of us want to see our families financially protected but how many of us actually act on that desire? In a recent survey, some very interesting numbers were revealed. Only 1% of the people in India with a family income of Rs. 3 Lakhs actually protected their families with insurance. As parents, we need to look more seriously at the consequences of our child having to face an unpredictable future. Term Insurance can help you ensure a secure future for your child. It provides coverage for a shorter period of time and at a much lower premium than whole life insurance. Birla Sun Life Insurance has made it easier to understand various plans for your child's future. A person can get a life insurance plan of Rs1 crore by paying as less as Rs 30,000 per year. So, ensure that while you are protecting your child’s present, you also plan ahead for their future.


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