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4 Legitmate Ways to Make Money Online From Any Part of the World.

Updated on November 20, 2019

I love making money online. So I made a ton of research. Look what I found!

So I would not bore you with a long article, but I'm going make it as awesome as possible Making money online it's a thing I call the online hustle just made it up myself anyway. And so many of us fall into so many scams online thereby making us lose a good amount of money to Internet fraudsters. But I got some cool ways on making money online that aren't scam.

1. Blogging: Yeah! Blogging it's my top recommendation! because of how big you could go with your blog! It's true you could make thousands of dollars from your blog just depends on how hard you work on it. But it's isn't about how hard you work on your blog but how smartly you work on your blog. They are bloggers who still haven't make a single dollar on their blog. But in my opinion, HubPages is more of a blog and a blueprint of how a blog is. But follow me I would be posting my own personal tips, tricks and other blog-related contents.

2. Doing surveys: Doing surveys can see you through some bucks but not make you entirely rich overnight. You could make at least about 20$ per day carrying out various tasks on surveys. I'm going to be real with you some survey platforms don't really rock as it supposed too. Some survey platforms have so many problems, either they out of surveys, or you're not eligible for a survey. That's why they add other cool stuff to their platforms like paid to click opportunities where they pay you just by clicking on ads, watching videos, completing various tasks and a friend referral program. A perfect example its sense it pays 0.10$ - 0.30$ per referral. 0.30 bucks when you invite tier 1 countries like the countries from the USA, Canada, Australia, Holland, United Kingdom, and several others, and pay 0.10$ for other countries. And you still get 15% of your referral income So lets squinch some figures. For example, you referred 10 people from tier 1 country you'd get 3$ as they sign up successfully you'd get that as a commission. But not a great feat right? This takes me to my second suggestion.

3. Affiliate marketing: Don't think I mean the "trying to sell something to someone one" but affiliate marketing entails so many strategy but you could make money through affiliate marketing. But I'm going to be looking at the CPA aspect and not the CPS. In case you're confused on what CPA and CPS mean

  • CPA: cost per action while
  • CPS: cost per sale.
  • They are big companies like peerfly, max bounty and several other CPA platforms you can get paid just collecting emails like for example a company needs more leads on emails and they need people like you, us, to do the job for them so they simply make a good incentive to make the job done. You can make over 1.5$ just collecting an email from just a person, with your assigned link. Let's do a little math on this. For example, the price of one email to cost a dollar 1$. And you got about 100 or fewer contacts or friends on social media, you could simply send your link to them and tell them just to drop in their emails and, 80 did exactly just that boom! Fella you just made 80$ and you could make even more without sending it to your friends or contacts. Here's my idea, they are a lot of active groups on Facebook you'd join one and simply tell them a brief note on the campaign you chose to promote. It solely depends on what you're promoting, you'd likely get into a Facebook group And some Facebook page has a large number of members some have up to a 700k members imaging posting one of your affiliate marketing link their booms! Even if all of the members don't submit their emails at least 1000 would, and that would give you 1000$. One of the easiest ways I've ever seen on how to make money online. But one major downside to this is that getting into some of this CPA platforms is kind of hard except some, so you need some little requirements, which could easily be met in the course of time I think I'm going to make a hub on this!
  • 3. Shortening links to earn money: I personally don't consider this method easy because it needs some work. Well, I would tell you about it. This shortening links platforms pay you per 1000 views just to send traffic to a chosen URL you'd generate by yourself and it's so easy and. Some URL shortening links could you up to 1-10$ per 1000 view but I once stumbled across websites that claim to pay you up to 70€ per 1000 views and I was astonished but there a lot attached to it, so this is how it works. You could copy any URL of your choice or any URL you choose to promote and paste it in any of the the "shorten links to earn" platform and it will automatically generate a link for you to copy, then you promote the link, when a person visits that link and view a 5-10sec ad it adds up big time! And once you reach the given threshold you can cash out to pay pal or any available payment option you have there at any time, and their threshold is as low as 1-10$ depending on which link shortener you use. Here are few link shortener platforms I know of,
  • shrinkearn
  • linkvertise

Goodluck! and moreover, you don't need a thousand people to click your link before you can earn you can simply shorten 10 links and you could get at least 100 people to click them each and 10* 100=1000 you do it over and over again. so it easy not a big deal and you could make money passively from it. Wish you luck on trying some of these ideas they're all legitimate.I made a ton of research on them.


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