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5 Bollywood Movies that Give You Financial Lessons

Updated on November 4, 2016

Hollywood may be the world’s movie capital but it is Bollywood that cannot be matched in terms of numbers. In 2012, it topped the list of film industries across the world by releasing 1,602 movies in the year. On the other hand, Hollywood could churn out only 476 films. There was a huge difference in terms of ticket sales as well, with Indian films having sold a whopping 2.6 billion tickets, as compared to Hollywood’s 1.36 billion tickets.

In a country that has such a craze for the movies, it is obvious that every move shown on the big screen affects the lifestyle of the people. From their clothes and relationship goals to career goals, the impact is visible in almost every sector. Some of the movies and songs also leave an impact on the minds of the viewers.

Over the years, there have been many movies that tell you the importance of making the right investments in life. Time and again, film makers have underlined the fact that if you don’t have life insurance, life can be tough for your family. Here are a few such movies that teach you the importance of fulfilling your financial goals.

1. Baghban

This classic, directed by R. Balki and featuring legends Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini, is a perfect example of miscalculated retirement. Amitabh Bachchan spends all of his savings to secure the future of his kids but when he retires, none of his four children, who are all grown up now and well settled in life, refuse want to take on the responsibility of their parents. This emotional journey of the father’s struggle will teach you a lesson in proper retirement planning and the importance of investing in life insurance and retirement policies.

2. Ta Ra Rum Pum

This film failed to do well on the box office but one thing that the makers were able to get right was the financial lesson. Saif Ali Khan, who plays the character of a well-known Formula One driver, has a bad habit of spending recklessly. After an bad accident, the worst comes true, as he realizes that he doesn’t have any savings to take care of his family. He is forced to give up his job and move to a different locality. His wife is forced to take up a job and kids are on the edge of being thrown out of school. The lesson to take from here is to maximize savings when you are in a good financial condition.

3. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

There was more to this movie than the story of Milkha Singh. It gives you a message to set the right goals in life. The process begins by realizing where you wish to reach, which also includes financial goals. Before you start investing or spending, you should set the goals you want to achieve. The goal in this case can be anything from marriage and education to retirement planning. Choose the goal carefully and then begin your journey towards it.

4. Three Idiots

One of the best movies to be released in recent years, this one tells you that to achieve anything in life, you need to follow your passion, chase your dreams and make sure that your decisions in life are not based on peer pressure or just to make your parents happy. Farhan, the character portrayed by R. Madhavan, made it clear that if he would have continued in the field of engineering; he would have never been satisfied in life. These lessons also apply to choosing your investment options. It is not necessary to invest in the same product that your father has been following for years or your friends think is the best. Assess the product and weigh it against your financial goals to choose the right savings instruments.

5. One Idiot

This 30-minute non-commercial Bollywood movie also conveys the idea of the importance of savings in life. It is the story of a young man who saves systematically from a young age and manages to accumulate a decent amount of wealth. It underlines the importance of saving from a young age to get better returns. It is a great source of inspiration for youngsters and motivates them to invest with a minimum amount and increase the investment as their earnings grow.

Other than these, there are many Hollywood movies that you can watch as well. For example, Jerry Maguire, the story of a sports agent, portrayed by Tom Cruise, who is fired by his company and ends up losing all his clients, is a perfect example of the importance of achieving financial goals. In the movie, Cruise, with the help of Cuba Gooding Jr., his only client left, is able to regain his name in the market.

So get up, download these movies or buy the DVDs, get some popcorn, fill your glass of coke and be ready to for a life-changing experience. It’s time to get your financial act together and invest in life insurance and other such products.


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