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Updated on August 22, 2012
Want to save? fill your piggy bank with these saving tips.
Want to save? fill your piggy bank with these saving tips. | Source
500 Time-Saving Hints for Every Woman: Helpful Tips for Your Home, Family, Shopping, and More
500 Time-Saving Hints for Every Woman: Helpful Tips for Your Home, Family, Shopping, and More

500 Time-Saving Hints for Every Woman: Helpful Tips for Your Home, Family, Shopping and More -Kindle Edition


I'm a really great saver my friends often ask me questions (how and why) so I thought I'd write some answers, I became an extraordinarily good saver with 40 EASY TIPS TO SAVE. If you have any suggestions to how you save please comment below.

How I got involved in saving

From an early age (7 years old) I started saving, usually parents give you the hints how to save but in my case it all started when I stopped spending my two dollar coins. Which was intended for school lunches. One day mum noticed I had so much money in my purse ($20 worth of gold coins) so I told her a boy at school keeps buying me lunch. So I've been saving my money. I remember her laughing. Still Occasionally this story of mine gets told but I don’t mind because that great boy really thought I deserved to be treated, now I know I'm so lucky to be a savy saver.

Saving doesn't happen overnight but with these easy steps you'll sure be onto a winner:

1. Invest and Open a High Interest Saving Bank Account you could be earning up 5.70% p.a1 on every dollar you save. So for every $1000 you save you earn $57, the longer your assets stay in the account the more interest is made but remember this can be considered as long term you could be waiting up to a year to save any profit.

2. Get a hold On what your spending so buy a cheap note pad from the reject shop or department shop and write down all my expenses, what I mean by this is everything you buy, even if it's a bottle of milk it all adds up, thats everything from work lunches, phone credit, entertainment, gym membership, internet bill and rent this all has an effect on how much we can spend and where its going. Trust me do this it will save you plenty.

3. Reduce Debt if you have a credit card make sure you pay off quickly before your interest doubles and always remember to pay your monthly bill as it can also have a impact on your credit rating.

4. Shop at Discounted Retailers like aldi or online shops such as grocery run where you can buy pre-packed foods in bulk such as cheap snacks for kids school lunches, makeup, chips, toliet paper, dishwashing tablets also health and beauty products. I love this site I often go half with a family member as we half our grocery bill.

5. Saving Isn't boring cut out some coupons from (hotdockets) you can choose from, buy one get one free vouchers to Great savings on restaurants, entertainment and shopping.

6. Cook at home it's cheaper going out for dinner can be expensive, learn to cook you can also do some research online for some tasty recipes or ask a friend. I like

7. Buy Lunch Box containers so you can take some leftovers to work if you don't have any you'll think its too hard to do and end up buying lunch. Spending $5 day at work for 5 days a week could save you $1150 a year.

8. Don't Buy Bottled Water Try Tap Water you'll find tap water tastes better when its cold. Remember sometimes fluoride hasen't been added to bottled versions so beware tap water in some states do.

9. Say No To a Landline connect with prepaid I recommend (amaysim) very generous data & calls for $40p/m it's just like a plan with no contract with reliable coverage.

10. Get Rid of Gym Membership If you can get away with it. Why not try a cardio dvd I go to my local library and always manage to pick up a great dvd~ no late fees, no debt.

11. Buy a no Name Brand no matter what it is it's just as good, It's just the packaging that makes it appealing, don't feel guilty at the checkout because it lacks colour, who cares.

12. Visit a Opt Shop For Clothes, they are just as good second hand of course but you can get some good wear out of them, no one will ever know the difference.

13. Make Your Own body wash, scrubs and lip gloss, make it as natural as you want.

14. Time Your Showers, if under 5 minutes It could save you 1000 gallons a month, use a water-efficient showerhead while your in the shower you could also leave a small bucket in there with you then reuse it to water houseplants.

15. Improve Your Fuel Efficiency pump your tyres up reguarly, don't overload car, top up coolant, water, oil, change your oil filter and get a service every 10k.

16. Use Royalty Cards flybuys, woolworths rewards, priceline club these can earn you points and save you money you can also enter competitions and receive giftvouchers and petrol discount coupons.

17. Shop Around For a Holiday if your feeling like a break you can still afford to there is many websites to offer you great deals from all around the world my favorite is (last minute) or try a travel agency such as (flight centre) they provide great customer service.

18. Make Gifts So your wanting to buy your mum a nice gold pedant but think again, it's the thought that counts so make her something special instead, she'll appreciate your time and effort.

19. Join a Bank with Minimal Fees and Charges some benefits can mean, No monthly account keeping fees, Free internet banking and Free phone banking,

20. Join Restaurants Mailing List, Birthday Clubs and Memberships they offer you a free meal on your birthday and send you coupons by email or mail for buy one get one free meals, sometimes even coffee and cake.

~My favorite saving tip. Who likes paying on your B'day, Not me.

21. Make Sure Your Pantry Is Organized with clear containers you'll be surpized on how much food is really in there if you could actually see whats in there. ~saves wasted food.

22. Compare and Save with Car Insurance Quotes I use RACQ they have choice, value for money and flexibility. Members can save up to 15% with comprehensive you'll also be rewarded with $10 movie tickets, discounts for accommodation and roadside club services.

23. Grab Yourself Some Clear Zip Bags and fill them with nuts, crackers or chips and if your constantly on the go, leave a cooler bag in your car take a bottle of water and a apple this will decrease the chances of you buying takeaway or spending any money on food.

24. Cut Off Paytv and Buy Your Own Movies I love (ebay) you can always find what your looking for and get some great bargains. Like new releases hire them but only on cheap tuesdays.

25. Don't Drive there is plenty of other ways for transportation for instance, ride your bike or take a bus even walk, good fresh air will do you just fine you may just enjoy it.

26. Take Good Care of What You Have such as following your care clothes instructions when washing and cleaning your appliances they will last alot longer and also look better.

26. Refinance Your Home so you have goals, whether it is to cut your repayments, free up cash improve your home or switch from a variable rate to a fixed rate.

27. Get Yourself a Off Peak Electricity Meter most electricity providers offer heavily discounted rates for electricity consumed during peak times, which can save money on your energy bill. Off peak electricity is provided during set times of the day when homes and businesses use a lot less electricity. Off peak times are typically between 11pm and 7am

28. Dye Your Own Hair stop at the Hairdressers and Get a Haircut but dye your own hair with a good quailty packet dye, I love L'oreal Preference in dark brown and look out for sales in your local department store or supermarket you and pick one up for $10. Saves you $60

29. Buy a Late Model Car budget, find a reliable source and research you want to make sure you are getting a good deal and not getting ripped off, especially if your a woman and also take your time theres no need to hurry you want to make all the right choices.

30. Be Efficent On Your Power to save turn lights off when your finished with them, appliances, tv's on standby, fill your frezzer up, read a book, turn the tv off, install high rating heating, cooling and insulation also buy a front loader washing machine with 4.5 stars or more, this will ultimately save you money on water and electricity bills, while reducing your household's impact on the environment.

31. Save On Child Care Costs returning to work after having a baby, will most likely mean you'll be looking to find reliable child care but will you cope with the fees? Well, you could narrow it down to family members for once a week, join a playgroup and meet other mothers who can share the cost of a nanny or Utilise government rebates.

32. Never Pay Full-price again so you can't afford new clothes, makeup, shoes, appliances or furniture so try ebay, online websites, garage sales, think before you buy it might actually save you more than 50% so look around, take your time and don't buy on impulse.

Learn to say no to bad habits:

33. Think Clearly be firm with yourself re-think again ask yourself if you actually really need it or you just want it, don't give in if you want to save you have to follow the steps otherwise your not saving.

34. Limit Yourself so this week your total budget for the week was $400 and you have $30 to spend on beauty products so don't take the first one you see look for specials you might get 2 for the price of one saves you for the next week.

35. Direct Debit your savings as soon as you get paid, but remember to account for other important bills like rent, board, food, electricity, light bill and retirement fund, to keep track on my spendings I type all into a speadsheet also I'm more likely to save if it's not there it works well for me.

36. Be Happy with what you have don't rush out and buy the new ipad 3. if you havent got the money this is impulse buying, stop. If you want one wait, time will pass and you will have another opportunity when you have the cash, you can pay outright!

37. Buy Secondhand you can always pick up a good deal anywhere, shop around online or ebay even checkout your local newspaper you might see something your interested in don't buy new unless you can afford it. I buy online alot I recently brought some jeans they where a designer brand and I only paid $25 used but seriously good value I recommend ebay or gumtree.

38. Be Wise Go Cash Only say no to credit cards just stick to cash or debit for all of your purchases.

39. Set Long-term Goals and have them writen or displayed on your vision board you don't want to spend your hard earnings for lunch at your work canteen or vending machines. Appoach a better option such a vacation or new shoes also continually remind yourself not to be tempted to buy useless things that have no need for your future.

40. Pay ahead on your mortgage, paying a extra $100 a month toward the principal on a $150,000, 30-year mortgage with a fixed interest rate of 6.5 percent, you’ll save more than $51,000 in interest and be able to retire your mortgage nearly seven years early.

Everyday Saving Quotes:

These helpful quotes make you feel positive about saving and stop bad influences.

  • If you know how to spend less than you get, you have the philosopher's stone.

~Benjamin Franklin

  • Money alone sets all the world in motion

~Publisus Syrus

  • A full purse is not as good as an empty one is bad.

~Yiddish Proverb

  • Put no trust in money, but your money in trust.

~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

What is your favorite saving tip?

If your looking for a new hubby for writting join today at hubpages its easy and free.

Think hard before you spend.
Think hard before you spend. | Source
Saving can be long term but you can start almost immediately from a $2.00 coin or start with hundreds it's up to you.
Saving can be long term but you can start almost immediately from a $2.00 coin or start with hundreds it's up to you. | Source

Helpful Tips to Save Money at Restaurants

Save money on high end makeup- this video is a life saver for women.

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    • miss1magination profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Yes, I agree. Everyday I think of new ways to save! Thanks for visting MJ.

    • MJ Miller profile image

      MJ Miller 

      6 years ago from East Tennessee

      Very comprehensive hub. You've got a lot of good tips here. It's amazing how much money you can save just by changing a few things in your life.

    • miss1magination profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      I see what you mean GoodLady. We do live far apart, I am aware american's collect coupons! I will update this hub. Thankyou for visiting!

    • GoodLady profile image

      Penelope Hart 

      6 years ago from Rome, Italy

      Excellent advice here and so much of it. Thanks you. If I lived in the USA more of them would be applicable - but life is so different in the rest of the world! (well a little different!).

    • miss1magination profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      I'm strict on my spendings so I had plenty of ideas about saving money, thanks for visiting:) I'm happy you found a saving tip to help you.

    • WebsiteConfetti profile image


      6 years ago from Australia

      Very well thought out hub. Just one of those tips would save me money. Voted up and shared!


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