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5 Reasons Wal-Mart is My Favorite Store

Updated on October 15, 2014
The first Walmart store
The first Walmart store | Source

Wal-Mart America's Store

Wal-Mart has risen over the years to become one of America's favorite shopping places. While the Wal-Mart does sport many bargains there are some drawbacks to entertaining a shopping trip to the each of the stores.

The stroll across the parking lot

I like to walk especially when I go shopping so Wal-Mart is the store for me. No matter what time of day I go shopping the parking lot seems to be full of cars. After driving around for a while i end up parking far away from the entrance to the store and do my stroll across the parking lot. It is especially gratifying to to take the stroll when the whether is bad.

I Love To Search When I Shop

When a man shops it is all about getting into the store, finding what you want and then getting out of the store. For a guy Wal-Mart is quandary. First you have to decide which end of the store to enter the building -the grocery or hardlines side. Once inside it is all about searching for whatever it was you came for. In the process of finding what you want you always end up purchasing a bunch of stuff you really didn't come to buy..


The Store is So Clean

As I stroll around the store I can help but take notice how well kept the store is. The shelves are all stocked with the discarded items from the swarm of people who have shopped at the store during the day and night time hours. As I push aside those items to get to the items on my list I wonder how many man (and woman) hours it takes to take care of a store this size. Well time to go to the grocery section.

The People Are Always so Friendly

One thing I like about each of the employees is how well manner and friendly they are. As I try to flag down a team member to ask them where something is they either are too busy to help me at the moment or are just diligently going about their duties. Oh well I guess I will have to fend for myself.


The Long Lines

Finally I have what i want and head for the front of the store. I I round a bend in the main and what awaits me -long lines. Oh well I should have learned by now that like it or not when you shop at Wal-Mart you're going to have to wait in line. I'm not saying it is a bad thing to wait in line it does take a determined person to stand there and wait to purchase a cart load of merchandise. then there is the trill of knowing after all the trials and tribulations of oyur shopping experience you're going to save some money.

Back to the car

There you have it the five things I like about a shopping trip to Wal-mart. Now if you'll excuse me I have to push my cartload of purchases half way to my house in a pouring down rain storm.

© 2014 T.B Whitt


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