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5 Simple Methods to Make Money From Home

Updated on October 30, 2017

Can I Really Make Money From Home?

As the internet has gotten more sophisticated, making a decent amount of money from home has become a much more achievable goal than it once was. A significant portion of people make their entire living from various income sources on the internet. This article will discuss several different methods of making some extra money online, as well as the pros and cons of these methods and how much money you could realistically expect to make from them.

With a little work, the internet can make you some real money!
With a little work, the internet can make you some real money! | Source

1. Buying and Reselling for a Profit

Buying and reselling items at a higher price is the first item on this list because it is the easiest method available for turning a quick profit, and anyone with a bit of startup money is able to do it. The two best websites to use for this method are and, as they are two of the largest and most easily accessible marketplaces on the internet.

The crux of this method is fairly simple, but many people do not realize just how easy it is to take advantage of. Both of the websites mentioned above offer ways to check how often a particular product is selling, and how much it typically sells for. By keeping track of this information it becomes an easy task to buy low and then sell for a profit, especially if you cross-reference between Ebay and Amazon to get the lowest price for buying and the highest price for selling. Furthermore, the more you learn about market patterns on these websites, the easier it becomes to take advantage of them.

If you want to take this technique even further, some extra work can go a long way in increasing your income. A common way to make even more money is to go bargain hunting in dollar stores and places like Ocean State Job Lot, and then sell your finds for a profit online. If you check beforehand how much an item is selling for, you can regularly find items that you can buy for a dollar in a store that typically sell for 10 to 20 dollars online.

2. Make Money From Your Writing

Writing is a fairly ubiquitous skill in today's society, and yet only a very small proportion of people think they are able to make a living doing so. The truth is that as long as you are able to write something that is cohesive, interesting and grammatically sound, then you are able to make some income from your writing.

If you are interested in getting started with selling your writing, one of the best resources available to you is This website will send you a free, regular newsletter filled with opportunities for writers of all experience levels. There will frequently be opportunities to write for blogs or magazines which typically pay anywhere from 50 dollars to upwards of several hundred dollars per article. While many of these opportunities will be easier to take advantage of if you are an experienced writer, most of them are open to anyone who is willing to try their hand at writing a quality article.

3. Make Money Through Blogging

Another way to monetize your writing on the internet is through blogging, which many people prefer over selling individual articles because it gives the author more freedom and control over their content. As the author of a blog, you can write about anything you want and get paid based on how many people view your content. This is possible thanks to revenue from hosting advertisements on your blog posts.

Some of the most popular free blogging tools include and These are good tools to introduce yourself to the world of blogging without spending any money, and you can even make ad revenue using If you find that you have a knack for making high-quality posts that people are interested in, most bloggers recommend that you host your own site in order to have full control over your content.

Another option to consider if you would like to dip your feet in the blogging world is HubPages allows you to write about any topic you would like and even maintain full creative control over your ideas. They will host your writing for free if it meets quality standards, and you can also sign up for advertising in order to make money every time people view ads on your pages.

4. Make Videos on YouTube

This method requires a bit more effort to start up and make a significant amount of money as compared to some others on this list, but it is worth mentioning due to the sheer amount of money you can make if you are successful. YouTube is a serious job for many people on the platform, and what makes it even better is that many of the people who do this for a living truly enjoy it.

If you are able to make an engaging series of videos based on a topic you enjoy and have experience in, people will be drawn to your videos. As long as you can routinely churn out this kind of content and attract a stable base of viewers, you are able to make some money doing so.

YouTube is fairly secretive about how much they pay their partners, but you can get a basic idea of the earning potential on YouTube by browsing discussions from some content creators. Personally, I know one person who is able to make enough money to live off of by producing videos that only get a few thousand views each. Earnings seem to vary greatly from person to person, so you should probably only consider starting a YouTube career if you already have a primary source of income to live off of until you gain some level of success.

YouTube Allows You to Make Money by Creating Informative Videos About Fun Topics, Like This:

5. Sell Your Services Online

There are an incredible amount of ways that you can offer services for money on the internet. One particularly easy method is to use Amazon's Mechanical Turk service to help individuals and companies complete certain tasks. If you sign up as a worker on the site, you can choose from hundreds to thousands of individual tasks that you will be paid for upon completion. These can range from things relatively simple things like completing surveys or performing basic data entry, up to more complex tasks like transcribing audio. Pay is typically low for basic tasks, but can sometimes reach upwards of 10 to 15 dollars an hour for difficult jobs. If you are particularly interested in Mechanical Turk, there is a more detailed breakdown here.

There are many other websites that allow you to sell your miscellaneous talents on the internet, with another particularly popular one being called Fiverr. Although the service was named after its initial business model of selling services for five dollars, you can now offer services for a wide range of prices. The most unique thing about Fiverr is that people have managed to find success selling almost anything that you could imagine. Some people might choose to sell music they created to an independent video game developer, while others have have made tremendous amounts of money by creating short comedy videos for clients.

Chance are that if you have any particular talent, you can find a way to profit from it using the internet. Take inventory of some of the things that you are good at and then do a cursory Google search, and it will likely reveal a number of sites that will allow you to market your abilities.


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