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5 Stars For The Dollar Tree - Best Dollar Store Around

Updated on September 14, 2011

There are lots of different dollar stores out there but the Dollar Tree is definitely the best one I have been to. Unlike other dollar stores, you will not pay over $1.00 for anything. Every item in the store is priced at $1.00. Okay, you are probably thinking what could I really get paying just $1.00? I can't speak for every single item in the store but I can say that it has many items that are decent quality and definitely worth the dollar you are paying, if not more. I've seen the same items in other stores priced two to three times as much and sometimes more. Also, there are products unique to the Dollar Tree that are just darned cute and not too shabby. The selection is fantastic as well.. any Dollar Tree I've been to has been four times as large as other dollar stores. I guess I can only speak for my local store but I've visited several in the surrounding towns and they are all pretty awesome. I used to take my kids there and give them five bucks and tell them it's a shopping spree! They are teenagers now but still love the Dollar Tree. Here's some of the main reasons why it's one of my favorite places for bargain shopping:

Home Décor/Crafts

I recently purchased some beautiful unframed wall art there.. of course it's still sitting here without the frames (my bad) but they are really nice and will eventually will be hanging my wall.

There is an assortment of candle holders, plates, clear vases for use with the candles. They had some beautiful mirrored candle plates last time I was there. I'm not sure about purchasing the candles.. I'm a little leery about a candle that cost one dollar BUT the accessories for the candles are great.

Across the isle from the candle section is the craft supply section where you can buy styrofoam balls, wreathes and cones, fake moss, raffia, glass marbles in all colors in shapes and sizes and smooth black rocks. This is just a few examples of what is available for purchase.

Also, worth mentioning is the kitchenware. In the kitchen section I bought some very pretty plates that now are now hanging on my kitchen wall. They have an assortment of plates, coffee cups, saucers, and things like that in nice designs. I don't purchase them to eat on since I already have too many plates in my cabinet already but rather to make gifts with or for home décor but they are just as functional as they are pretty.

Frames, frames, frames.. many frames hanging on my walls were purchased from the Dollar Tree! They have jeweled frames, wooden frames, metal frames, plain frames, fancy frames.. there's always been a great selection in my store.

Picture frames, baskets, flat glass marbles, candle holders, wall art, cute little knick-knacks, greenery and flowers, décor for outside on your patio.... you name it and more than likely they have it. And of course any of this stuff would make great gifts!

Holiday Décor

If you are looking for holiday décor the Dollar Tree is the place to go. I am always amazed at the variety of decorations they have. You just wouldn't believe some of the decorations they have for only $1.00. Even at Wal-Mart something comparable would probably be at least $5.00 (sorry Wal-Mart!) I've bought things at the Dollar Tree that I've been able to put out year after year. I'm talking really cute, quality stuff that will last years if you take care of it.

If you ever need some décor or party supplies for ANY of the holidays GO to the Dollar Tree. Easter, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween or whatever holiday is coming up. You WILL be amazed at what you can get for only $1.00!


Lots of toys with all kinds of themes. They have Cinderella, Toy Story and a lot of the Disney movie toys.  From babies and on up there is a great selection of toys.  They have some really great childrens books as well. I like the dear God series.  The Dollar Tree is the only place I've found them.   Also every year at Christmastime this is where I go to get the bulk of my stocking stuffers.

Wedding Supplies

They have a rack of wedding supplies. Some of which I bought and used at my own wedding. Truly nice and beautiful things. Favor boxes for guests, bags of silver and gold wedding rings (fake of course!) Big pull string bows, pre-cut circles of tulle, cute little bottles of bubbles, little plastic heart shaped favor boxes- just about anything you can think of. Definitely if you are planning a wedding or helping out with one do see your local Dollar Tree and see what they have. These are nice looking decent quality items. Weddings can be so expensive as we all know. Why not save when you can?

Gift Bags, Party Supplies Etc...

Sometimes I wonder if they shouldn't call this store Party and Gift Supply Central. This store has a selection of gift bags that will blow your mind along with tissue papers,string filler for your bags (kind of like easter grass) as well as gift wrap and bows. They have a whole wall lined with plastic ware in all colors, package sets of paper plates, bowls and napkins in all colors plus themes too. Just anything that you can imagine that you would need for a party, you can get there! That's one of the best sections of this store is the gift bag and party section. They also have a balloon section with the silver Mylar balloons and regular balloons in different colors, sizes and shapes. They will blow them up for you right in the store.

One More Thing..

I gotta tell you my lipstick story. I had purchased a lipstick a few years ago from Walgreen's I believe it was and absolutely fell in love with it! Never again have I found a better lipstick for me. It was Loreal and it was like 8 bucks. So when I was finally scraping the last from the bottom of the tube I went to go buy another one and it wasn't there. I found out it was discontinued and it really bummed me out. I even looked online thinking I would find it at a cosmetic liquidator site, Overstock or some site similar but nothing. I resigned to the fact I would never find it again. Okay, so one day a couple years later I'm looking at the make-up section in Dollar Tree and guess what I see hanging on the rack?? The Loreal Matte Lipstick in Terra Cotta that I had been search of for years! It was in different packaging so I don't know if they just repackaged and distributed the lipsticks to the Dollar Tree or what was going on but I FOUND IT!!! A lipstick I loved and originally paid $8.00 for was right there for $1.00. I was sold on the Dollar Tree for sure.

You'd think as excited as I am that I'm probably getting paid to write this but honestly, I just think it's a darn good store worth mentioning. If you haven't been to a Dollar Tree you should go. You might be surprised at what you find for only a buck!


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    • Jessica Beasley profile image

      Jessica B 

      5 months ago from United States

      Hi Jamie! You are so right about Dollar Tree! I go there first before anywhere and luckily I now drive by one everyday. I try to tell my husband that there are just some things that you should only ever pay a dollar for! Lol! And like you said too, sometimes our beloved favorites end up there that we have paid several dollars for, what a win! I have an article that I wrote (with pictures) about doing my makeup with everything from the Dollar Tree The after picture is one of my favorite selfies of all time and courtesy of being open-minded that good stuff comes from all price ranges. I would love to create a link to your article in mine! One of my favorite things to buy at the Dollar Tree are reusable bags. I have been using a cute Hawaiian-looking one for over a year to tote stuff between work and home, and it is loaded up daily! Lol! It is showing no signs of slowing down. Good stuff!

    • Jamie Brock profile imageAUTHOR

      Jamie Brock 

      7 years ago from Texas

      Jeannie: Thank you for reading! Yes, the Dollar Tree is awesome! I think people may dismiss it because it's a Dollar Store but It really is different than other Dollar Stores. So much of the merchandise is unique and different and even more important, decent quality. Thank you for all of your votes! I appreciate it.

    • Jeannieinabottle profile image

      Jeannie Marie 

      7 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      This is a great hub! Dollar Tree really is awesome. You are right about the party supplies, too. Everytime my boss and I go to Party City to get decorations for work, we walk away disappointed. After looking at what Dollar Tree had in stock, I told her we never need to go to Party City again! Voted up and awesome!

    • Jamie Brock profile imageAUTHOR

      Jamie Brock 

      8 years ago from Texas

      I am in Texas, marshmallow. Thanks for reading my hub!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Thank you for your post. My mother loves that same lipstick shade. Could you please tell me in what city/state you located it so I can ask our Dollar Tree in Reno, NV?

      I appreciate your help!

    • Jamie Brock profile imageAUTHOR

      Jamie Brock 

      8 years ago from Texas

      oh yeah, kiwi, I agree. The Dollar Tree is a great store to get some good stuff and save so much money. I love their gift wrapping/supply section. Such good stuff at such low price.

    • kiwi91 profile image


      8 years ago from USA

      The Dollar Tree is a pretty good place. There's a bunch of stuff you can find in there that's much less money than you'll pay anywhere else. For example, thank you notes there are a buck for a ten pack. On Amazon, you won't find many for under ten. It's worth stopping in once in a while.

    • profile image

      party decorations 

      9 years ago

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