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6 Weird Ways People Get Rich.

Updated on March 18, 2019
making money is a puzzle
making money is a puzzle

A Note.

The world today has changed, far from the past where parents could encourage their kids to work hard (performing better in school and make sure you achieve university entry points. They even chose the kind of courses they wanted their kids to pursue. Medicine and business courses were preferred because their jobs were known to pay a higher salary than others.) It is different today as parents are now banking on identifying and building the talents of their kids. As a result, people are performing simple technical tasks and making money online. A wider population is concentrated on arts which is also a wider genre. We cannot forget the vulotopous socialites in the naming, who are making tons of money. They have talent too!

Apart from the normal way of making money, I have explained above (going to school, study hard and get a job) there are other ways people make money. The weird ways.

People also get rick from witchcraft and cults.
People also get rick from witchcraft and cults.

1. Witchcraft.

I do not believe in witchcraft but I believe people make money through practising witchcraft. It’s crazy not to believe in something yet embrace it. Every time I walk in the streets of Nairobi or Kisii town, I see banners advertising about a witch’s service and among them are breaking the chains that seal the star of riches. I know of friends who have gone through this path and in the end, they made money in the most mysterious ways I couldn’t understand. I have seen peoples businesses that did not have clients in the past, now full of money making clients.

It is not a guarantee that witches will make you rich because it depends on what kind of witch you consult. People have fallen for con men who promised them to be rich only for poverty to strike them even harder. Here is my point, unless the witch is a graduate of Hogwarts school of witches, and can make him/herself rich don’t waste your time crawling in graveyards at night in the name of performing a magical spell that will make you rich overnight.

2. Promote Fake Twitter Trends.

Like it or not people make money by pushing fake twitter trends. What you only need is a twitter account with thousands of followers and waits for investors in your inbox. I know you have come across many hashtags on Twitter and wondered why someone would push for them. I have seen fake self-proclaimed prophets paying social media influencers to convince people about their miracles. Three times I have successfully promoted a hashtag aimed at covering a company scandal. I don’t regret it because I made money and it was a petty issue.

The truth is that you don’t have to hit your breaking points and scratch your scalp hard in order to make money online. Just ask yourself how social media influencers survive financially with almost a hundred per cent of their time on screens with a 200000 tweet bank on top of their profile and over five hundred tweets a day. If these guys were writers, with that number of tweets, we could have a thousand more novelists in the world.

3. Participate in Eating Competitions.

You don’t have to read bill gates business at the speed of thought or warren buffet’s letters to investors on Berkshire Hathway because you don’t own a business or have any shares in the Nairobi Securities. It’s true that Richard Branson’s tweets and quotes on managing your wealth won’t help you because you don’t have the same opportunities. #

The only importance of food other than nutrition is that you can make a fortune from eating competitions. Winning only depends on the capacity you can take in and also the courage and perseverance. Remember the chilli eating competition? Where grown-ups shed tears because of chewing a mere chilli fruit. It’s funny because people give up on the way not because they were full. They were not patient with others giving up. The last chilli competition is attended the winner walked out with a whooping Kenyan shillings 90,000 ($900).

decorating graveyards could make you a fortune
decorating graveyards could make you a fortune

4. Decorate Graveyards.

You don’t have to make a resume or graduate college with a bachelor’s degree for you to get this job. In 2015, someone was on the spotlight for making graves look nice and presentable on behalf of the family members. He only had to make sure the gravestone was clean and the flowers properly pruned and shouting for 100 bucks per gravestone. His fortune was big because he had a large number of clients and one family who paid him a monthly salary for maintaining the gravestone where their son had been buried in a gold-coated casket full of the money he had made. It’s weird.

5. Join Politics.

Before you millennial were born, the public service was never and not known as a place where people could make money from. Politicians were s decent in that they had that heart of worship and serving the public interests only. Today everyone wants to be a politician because they want to make money. They will even bribe and pay voters because they will definitely get their cash back when fully elected and in position.

The procurement sector is a cash cow for you if you are in politics. You give tenders to yourself and those companies you own and supply nothing in exchange. See how rich the Kenyatta and Odinga Family is. Look again at the deputy president and how richer he is. Every year in the bulletins is the rising numbers of scandals where the public is losing money to politicians. One funny case is the one involving the dam projects. Money paid to an Italian firm making its way back to a bank in Westlands via London banks? WHY? I curse anyone who intends to join the public service with the intention to loot. May your locker room in hell burn 10 times hotter and may the floors be filled with sulphur so that you may stand for thousands of years as we await Christ.

6. Join a Cult.

Every pop star or Hollywood movie star is said to be in a cult, yet they term that as mere claims. The truth is that people make money from joining illuminate and freemasonry. Presidents, singers, football stars and the many controversial rich guys you see have joined them and living a good life in the eyes of the world.

But be cautious and know what you are getting into. People have paid heavy prices by selling the souls that they do not own to a goat. God’s souls and temples in exchange for money. It’s silly you know because in the first place you will have to lose yourself for.

© 2019 African Child


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