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5 Non Monetary Ways to Help Others

Updated on September 29, 2012

Helping others always develops a feeling of happiness and satisfaction that someone has benefited from your actions. In this day and age of the recession, it may be difficult for people give abundantly. There are many ways to give to others and to help them. Here are some ways to do it without feeling the guilt of not contributing something financially.

Give a Gift of a Mammogram

A mammogram is a test that many women do not look upon fondly, but it is an exam that is needed to provide early detection of cancer. Early detection of breast cancer through the help of a mammogram is the key to good health. There are many women who cannot afford a mammogram, or they have no insurance to cover the cost of a mammogram. The link above will take you to the Breast Cancer Website, where you can simply click on the “click here to give” button, and it will help women to obtain a free mammogram.

Light a Candle and Say a Prayer

Do you know someone who needs your help and prayers? Maybe you also need a prayer for help. On the light a candle website, not only are you able to write a prayer for any intention, but you can also light a candle too. This is an awesome way to help others, and to find prayers that could be of help to you too.

Stop and Swap Items

Do you have items at home that you no longer need? Why not find a community Stop and Swap in your area and give them to others who would appreciate the gesture. What exactly is a Stop and Swap? According to, “Community ‘swaps’ provide the perfect opportunity to find new homes for things you no longer need. By taking home items that you can use, you are also helping to prevent waste from production, packaging and transportation required to get new things.” Through a Stop and Swap, you help others to get things that they need, and you can walk away with some essential items also.

Donate Food At the Food Bank

The Food Bank of New York City provides food, donated by different people and organizations, and distributes these food items to places that help to feed and give people food. This organization has many ways to donate and help, but they also provide the classic way to donate, by bringing food items in for distribution. There are also volunteer opportunities to help in their warehouse, community kitchen/ food pantry, and in their income tax department.

Sing to Help Others

Do you enjoy singing? How about singing to help others? Well you can help others with your beautiful voice by joining the Sing For Hope organization. What is the Sing for Hope organization and what do they do? According to Sing for Hope officials, this is explained when it is said, “Founded by opera singers with a desire to lift their voices for social change, Sing for Hope is a non-profit organization that mobilizes professional artists – from classical musicians to photographers to Broadway performers – in volunteer service programs that benefit schools, hospitals, and communities.” Imagine being able to help someone to heal with your voice. If you are a singer, take the chance and join Sing for Hope.


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