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6 Common Investment Vehicles You Can Use To Grow Your Personal Wealth

Updated on September 2, 2013

Until I met my mentor, there was always this idea in my mind. “To Be Wealthy, I must work hard and stay in a company for long enough to get promoted and get a pay rise”.

What is your opinion on this? Do you think the same as I did back then? Unfortunately I don’t know you and your way of thinking. Fortunately, I don’t need to. What you will learn in this post is so valuable that you need to pay greater attention. Why I say this is simple: I never acquired this knowledge from school. School only thought me to study, get a degree and earn a well-paid job and what they never told me was that I will work hard for the rest of my life and retire broke, frustrated and stupid.

The key principle I learnt was that to be wealthy, one must make money work for him and nor him working for money.

Key phrase: Make Your Money Work For You.

One of the reasons why many people work hard all their lives is they were thought to work harder than their money. In one of my seminars, an elderly woman asked me “I have been working for 20 years in this organization that really pays me well. What I don’t understand is that even though, I get good pay, all the money just vanishes come Monday of the fortnight week. So tell me how I can make my money work for me since it seems like I work so hard for money and still get nothing.

This article was written to answer that question.

Making Your Money Work For You

To make money work for you sounds simple in writing but it takes lots of commitment and tenacity. I like the word tenacity as it perfectly describes one entrepreneurial character that makes them successful. Refusing to give up is what the word tenacity means in simple terms.

Here is the magic word: Investment. Many millionaires and billionaires I have studied made their fortune through investment. That is of course raising capital by building business or by some smart ways and then investing that money into revenue generating assets.

Many people confuse themselves by taking their savings in the banks as investment. It is indeed, but is the poorest investment choice. Why? Because every interest you earn from your savings, you are taxed. So you savings investment does this: Moves one step ahead and one step back. Savings as self-made millionaire Jamie McIntyre says is “The first step you take to control your financial future”

That means, savings will never make you rich. But save enough and get the necessary education and create strategies to invest your money for either capital gain or cash flow. This is how the rich make money work for them.

Investment vehicles

  1. Business
  2. Stocks
  3. Real Estate
  4. Bonds
  5. Mutual funds
  6. Treasury Bills

Key Tool: Education

These are the possible revenue generating assets you can invest in. The question is how do you do it? That now becomes personal. The best investment you can make on your self is your personal education. Don’t think building business or investing in real estate and stocks is easy. If you do, prefer to loss terribly. If you kind of person who think this way, you will end up chasing opportunities and get rich quick schemes that are sure to wipe your savings clean.

Investing only becomes less risky and easy when you know what you are doing. The billionaire investor Warren Buffet said “Risk is doing what you don’t know”.

During the boon, hundreds of thousands of stock market investors rushed to buy stocks. Warren Buffet being true to his philosophy didn’t take part in the crazy boom as he said he didn’t knew how the companies made money. The boom soon turn to crash and many were wiped out whilst Warren Buffet proved his critiques wrong making more billions.

What should you do

  1. Have enough capital to invest
  2. Determine the type of asset you want to invest in. You do this by researching for information by reading, asking question on those that have been successful in asset you want to invest in
  3. Get to work straight away. Start small and build up your investment portfolio as you master the skills and confidence to deal with greater amounts of money

Don’t wait till tomorrow to invest. Tomorrow is the most dangerous world.

© 2013 Ian D Hetri


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    • profile image

      Daniel kasar 5 months ago

      Very exciting ..wana be part of the voice but I am still studying @Institute of business studies...any bright ideas.

    • Ian Dabasori Hetr profile image

      Ian D Hetri 3 years ago from Papua New Guinea

      That's powerful. Cheers.

    • profile image

      Rachael Kororo 3 years ago

      Yes Ian.

      We are committed. I appreciate your mentorship.

      We'd like to be successful and soar like eagles

    • Ian Dabasori Hetr profile image

      Ian D Hetri 3 years ago from Papua New Guinea


      GWIC is a great tool we have. We have done something no one has yet done in PNG and I'm happy to lead a group of enthusiastic investors who aggressively pursue journey of wealth creation.

      Stay focussed and we will pursue our goal. I stay fully committed to the club.

      I want you to also start writing and sharing your experiences about the investment club and value investing principles and strategies I show you guys and that we use.

      You and Pamela take the lead. I want to create more products for the club to boost our capital to stay fired and focuss. Time to soar like eagles.

      Eagle 1

    • profile image

      Rachael Kororo 3 years ago

      All of the hubs are very useful.

      GWIC is a way forward and we must raise enough capital to build the business by investing that money into revenue generating assets.

    • Ian Dabasori Hetr profile image

      Ian D Hetri 3 years ago from Papua New Guinea

      Hi Lynns,

      Appreciate your time here and the comment. I'm glad you found this useful.


    • Ian Dabasori Hetr profile image

      Ian D Hetri 3 years ago from Papua New Guinea

      Hi DDE,

      I am glad you found my hub useful. Investing is a serious business and only serious minds pursue it. I try to help with little bit of my own experience that I share in here.



    • profile image

      Lynne Mano 3 years ago


    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Interesting, informative and a most useful hub on 6 Common Investment Vehicles You Can Use To Grow Your Personal Wealth, definitely a hub worth reading.