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6 Ways to Ramp Up the Freelancing “Wow” Factor?

Updated on January 2, 2013

Freelancing Business

With the stream of freelance-business competitors do you think you would be able to survive if you won’t offer anything new to your clients? Well, certainly not! Just think from the client’s perspective everything will come to the surface. Your business needs some important modifications so as to bring it to the forefront. Introduce innovative strategies that attract freelancers and make them believe ‘This is the Freelancing Business I was looking for’. It won’t happen unless you induce WOW factor in your business platform. Wow factor simply states the difference between better and the best freelancer. I’ve prepared a list of these ideas that surely brings WOW factor in your freelancing business.

Testimonials that Rant About Your Services: Testimonials are one of the paramount sources of adding WOW factor to your business services. Not all testimonials affect clients such as “We hired Mike for article writing and he completed the task on time”; does it sound good? Instead it should be as “We hired Mike for article writing and he performed exceptionally well within the prescribed deadline, we’ll be looking forward to hire him again.” Now you see the difference between the two testimonials? The latter one truly represents your business services as compared to the straight-forward reply in the former.

Professional Web-design on your site: Presentation must be your foremost concern while promoting your freelancing business since you can’t afford to alienate your clients on the basis of worst impression. No matter how valuable your services are; no matter how beautiful your style of content is; if you fail to design what looks like a professional one, you’re certainly preparing to let down your business.

Your Site Contains Snappy Content: Needless to mention that your web-content must not only be error-free but also grammatically correct that truly reflects your business intentions. Use simple language in spreading your word of business since you’re not directing to scholars. I don’t want to read your content again and again just to understand the purpose of the message. If you can’t do that just hire a professional writer since you’re not supposed to give second chance to your readers.

Social Media Leader: Social media leader is not the one who makes his presence feel all the time on social networks or the one who follow thousands of fellow users. Social media leader means your social presence increases your freelance business in a deliberately. Your followers tend to track down the business updates on facebook or twitter; even though you’re not expected to post daily, that’s what the media leader is all about.

A Rapid Response: it goes without saying that the number of emails you receive can exceed to unmanageable proportions; however, you need to respond them just to make them understand that you care or you’ve successfully received their mails. You won’t be able to count ‘Thank You’ mails after giving each of them feedback.

Beyond Expectations: Finally always try to step ahead of your clients in helping them out or getting the job done. Wow factor continually maintains that you must undertake to surpass all the expectations such as if the project needs to completed on Monday you must provide them on Sunday or if the client inquires about you a single idea you should tell them quite a few number of them


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