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8 Fun, FREE Types of Summer Getaways for Couples - Getaways for Every Weekend!

Updated on April 29, 2015
Basking in the Sunset
Basking in the Sunset
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Summer trips and getaways are exciting, uplifting and necessary. However, trips and getaways can be expensive or exhausting to plan and implement. Many couples will love to travel more often, but are unable due to the high costs for traveling regularly, time constraints, busy work schedules, other important responsibilities, etc. Arranging, planning and executing travel plans can become more of a hassle and burden to couples than not being able to travel at all.

It is clear that couples must travel together more often towards maintaining their romance and friendship. Couples should allocate quality time together to ensure lasting love and affection. One of the most important components of any relationship is communication. Getaways tend to provide the perfect, uninterrupted time and place to communicate and listen effectively. Regular trips and getaways, especially in the summer, should be a part of every couple’s journey.

Picnic at the Park
Picnic at the Park
Beach fun!
Beach fun!

Options for summer trips and getaways for men and women to enjoy are in abundance. Below you will find eight different types of fun, free types of trips and getaways for you and your loved one. Choose one or two getaways per weekend. You can stay close to home or travel further out, changing the setting and experience for each trip every time. While all of these trips and getaways can be accomplished during the summer season, several can be done throughout the year. Turn any of these options into a hobby or routine. Use the list provided below to arrange, plan and execute your special, fun-filled and free getaway today.

1. Picnic in the Park. During the warm summer morning and afternoon hours, parks can be busy, loud and somewhat irritating. Stay away from the park at these hours! However, in the evening, something magical happens at these very public spaces: the park becomes quiet, still and quite peaceful. You can find a quiet, empty section in the park, sitting on the grass under a tree perhaps, to setup your blanket and picnic basket. Pack a full meal to be eaten with your finest dinnerware, complete with dessert, wine and small candles. Consider bringing along a stereo for soft music, a beach umbrella for additional shade and don’t forget the bug repellant. Entertain yourselves with portrait paintings, poetry readings, storytelling, and most of all, as much conversation and laughter as you possibly can. Don’t forget to take pictures! Consider writing love letters to each other and reading them aloud, which will set the tone. Take the moment to forget about the world around you and just relish in each other’s company for the evening. Trips to faraway parks for the weekend can heighten the experience.

2. Soaking at the Beach. Similar to picnicking at the park, stop by the beach during the late evening hours preferably. Usually there are no trees or natural shade at the beach, so don’t forget the beach umbrella and sun screen lotion! Consider sporting a new bathing suit or swim ware, which will immediately interest your mate. Pack a light meal, which is best when participating in water sports and swimming. Carry an ice chest, water floats, a small stereo, and sunglasses. Entertain yourselves with card games, light body massages with sun screen lotion, volleyball games or the like, snorkeling, kite flying, building sand sculptures, and most of all, as much conversation and laughter as you possibly can. Don’t forget to take pictures! Beach fun close to or far from home can keep you quite busy. There is always something to see or do.

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3. Viewing the Sunset. It is recommended that this trip or getaway is taken at an elevated location to obtain a clearer view of the setting sun. The travel or commute to that location can be just as enjoyable. Blankets are helpful for the possibility of cooler weather when the sun sets. The time spent awaiting the sun to set is usually immersed in intense conversation and hefty laughter. Be certain to bring along sunglasses or visors, a stereo, bug repellant and folding chairs. Candles, flowers, wine, wine goblets, fruit and fresh bread accompany this getaway well. Entertain yourselves with slow dancing, back massages, and playing a guitar or the like. Don’t forget to take pictures! Whispers of poetry or love letters under candlelight into the night make the escape most worthwhile.

4. Camping Out. Rustic outdoor camping provides excellent quality time for couples. The atmosphere is full of beauty and tranquility. The getaway usually lasts all weekend, so couples spend ample hours communicating and listening, learning more about each other every single moment of the trip. Be certain that locations are designated for outdoor campsites. Campsites may be on mountains or within forests. Some campsites are located next to rivers or lakes for easy access to swimming, fishing, rafting, etc. Basic recommended camping items to carry include: cabin tent and pump, blankets, air mattress and sleeping bags, backpacks, folding chairs, electric lantern, torchlight, candles, shovel, axe, rope or clothes line, poncho, clothing and toiletries, bug repellant, toilet paper, caps and sunglasses, Swiss knife set, at least two pots, a grill pan, mess kit with mug and utensils, canned food, bottled water, juice, lighter, first aid kit, bug repellant, sun screen lotion, compass, whistle, smartphone with camera and video recorder, extra batteries. Wine and wine glasses can accompany any couples’ getaway. Include additional items as necessary. Common camping activities are vast, including: camping trails, hiking, bonfires, stargazing, storytelling, sing-alongs, music, dancing, games and card playing, scavenger hunts, tree climbing, rock climbing, explorations, playing instruments, roasting, grilling and frying foods, archery, drawing and painting, photography, jogging and exercising, hammocks and swings, etc. Go everywhere and do everything with your mate during this excursion. Indulge your mind and senses in the surrounding environment and atmosphere. Take it all in! Additional activities include: biking, horseback riding, worship, kite flying, hunting, sunbathing and massages, etc. Don’t forget to take pictures! Additional electronics can be used on campsites, if access to a generator or car battery is possible. However, in order to embrace the experience fully, it is recommended that these items are left at home. Spend the time being as creative as possible. Laugh out loud and love openly. Create memories that will last a lifetime. Let nature takes its course in defining your relationship.

Rustic Camping - Camping Out
Rustic Camping - Camping Out
Outdoor Movies
Outdoor Movies

5. Outdoor Movies. Outdoor movies (or concerts) during the summer usually begin at sunset. Select a movie that you both can enjoy. Be certain to carry a blanket or folding chair for seating, wearing bug repellant throughout the evening. You can even watch the movie from your car. While this getaway is usually brief, consider traveling to an outdoor movie event further away from home. The movie screens are large, so be certain to get good seating amongst other attendees. Since conversing during the movie is inappropriate, feel free to spend ample time in conversation, debate and laughter when the movie has ended. Dinner or snacks after a movie is common. Don’t forget to take pictures – after the movie of course.

6. Visiting Mutual Friends. Good friends will always welcome your visits. Yet still, it is recommended that you contact your friends to make arrangements before your arrival, since they may be out of town at that time. While there will more likely be time for ample conversation with your hosts, be certain to wander off to spend some time alone with your mate. Choose to relax at the back of the house or go for a walk together in the foreign neighborhood. Your hosts will have more likely planned a few activities for you to do. Don’t forget to take pictures! Evening gatherings are always the most fun. Consider storytelling, playing games and full-course meals. At night, consider bedtime conversation and body massages, heightened by complimenting each other, reflections of great memories shared and frequent whispers of “I love you”.

7. Visit a Historical Place of Worship. It is surprising how fulfilling a trip or getaway to a faraway (or close by) historical place of worship can be. Regardless of your religious beliefs, historical places of worship provide a clear depiction of historic time periods, connecting individuals with the past. Since these places elude a sense of connecting with time – more than a museum or library, they tend to induce feelings of harmony, unity, intimacy and love. Take the opportunity to meet with a cleric or employee to explore and learn more about the history associated with every aspect of the location. There is usually a storyline for each element or feature of the site. Don’t forget to take pictures! If you and your partner are religious, what a great opportunity to communicate in worship together! Be connected in the moment with your loved one and stay connected always.

Visiting Friends
Visiting Friends
Places of Worship
Places of Worship

8. Take the Scenic Route. If you share a passion for driving or going for drives, then the both of you will enjoy journeying through the scenic route. While on a scenic route, you can take pictures when sightseeing, visit interesting sites, or simply embrace nature. Take turns driving the vehicle to allow your counterpart to rest. A retractable roof on your car is preferred, so you can enjoy the wind in your hair when cruising on the highway. Be certain to take sunglasses to reduce sun glare. If you are driving cross-country, then lodging may be necessary daily. Spend the trip delighting in conversation with your mate. Laughter is certain. Excitement is sure. With all the traveling done on this particular getaway, you are sure to discover something new about your mate. Unite as one. Choose love.

Memorable experiences can last a lifetime. Use these simple, fun and FREE getaways during the summer to create important memories in your relationship. Feel free to make these experiences your own by customizing them to fit your needs and desires all year-round. Trips and getaways as these can easily and naturally strengthen any couple’s relationship – even yours. Enjoy!

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Taking the Scenic Route
Taking the Scenic Route


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