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9 Awesome Ways to Find Flutes For Sale

Updated on September 10, 2009

9 Awesome Ways to Find Flutes For Sale

The sound of a flute is so nice.  It has the nice high end that can make someone cry.  You see them in orchestras and in jazz bands.  How do the musicians that play them get so good?  Well, it takes a lot of practice.  But you do not have a flute to practice with.  You started to learn and was borrowing the the schools.  I guess you may be interested in purchasing one for your own personal use in the future.  But where do you find flutes for sale?  I am writing this piece to inform you of the different places where you can buy a flute.  

9 ways to find flutes for sale:

Craiglist is an excellent source for someone in the market for a flute.  You can easily look through the "For Sale" section for someone that may be selling a flute.  You can also use their search engine to narrow down the hunt.  Further, make a post in the "Wanted" or "Musician" section.  I am pretty sure someone will respond.

Without a doubt, EBay will definitely have flutes for sale.  Just use their search engine and type the specific type of flute that you want to purchase.  Once you find the one you want, you are able to categorize it by price or auction end time.  Make sure you have a PayPal account so that you can purchase the item.  PayPal is what people use to exchange funds on EBay. Give EBay a try.

Go to Google and type "Google Products" in the search engine. The search result should be the Google Product site.  Go to their search bar and type the specific type of flute you want to buy.  You will be given a list of all the flute available for your purchase.

Try to see if your local music store carries any flutes for sale.  This is not always great compared to the Internet because you are limited to what is in stock.  Give you local music store a call and ask to see if they have the specific flute that you want.  If not try next store in your area.  You will eventually find a place that sell your specific brand of flute.

You should check the local schools.  If the school has a music program, there should be a band.  With bands, there is usually a flute section.  Check to see if that school actually has any flutes that are out of commission.  They are usually willing to sell them pretty cheap.  The downside of this is that you will be limited to what they have.  You can't be picky here.

You can always try asking a friend or family member.  People usually have friends.  In the line of people there should be someone that is willing to sell you a flute.

If you are lucky, you can try local garage sales.  I have found many cool things at garage sales like an amplifier, $80 vintage guitar and cheap vinyls.  You never know, you may actual be able to purchase a flute for a really decent price.

You can ask around on the Internet.  Look up music forums.  They usually have a buy and sell section.  Post that you are looking for a flute.  There should be people that will sell to you.

Last, but not least, try a pawn shop.  It is quite possible that you local pawn shop will have flutes for sale.  If you go an there is nothing, you will see a lot of other interesting things to buy.

This was all about ways to find flutes for sale.  When you finally get your hands on a flute, practice, practice, practice.  Eventually you will be the flute player that everyone wants to hear.  Good luck on your hunt.


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