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99 Lottery Wheels - A Perfect Guide For A Steady Income

Updated on August 10, 2016

Lottery Plans and Lion Stew

Whenever someone was trying to teach me a trick on how to play the lottery so that I could have at least a minor chance to win, I had no other choice but remembering a famous cooking receipt for lion stew.

And the cook expert advice was this: “Cooking a lion stew is as simple as 1, 2, 3. First of all, you need to catch yourself a lion. Then, without any hesitation, you will have to kill that lion and take his skin off. Some elite chefs might try to skin him alive, but that’s far from being mandatory. Now, the third step, the most delicate and simple one, is to prepare the lion stew. Good luck and enjoy your meal!”

A proven lottery wheel could lead to a money wheel
A proven lottery wheel could lead to a money wheel

Is There A Solution?

Basically, in every lottery game played all over the world there is always at least one sure winner – the lottery organizer and also his associates. The odds of winning are way too low for someone to imagine that that jackpot could be won with a single strike of luck. In fact, only fools and lunatics rely on pure luck when playing the lottery and they rarely succeed in getting what they have been frantically hoping for.

Despite all that, there are millions of people playing the lottery every single day in mostly every region of the world. Some of them are winning, most of them are losing. Such is life.

Therefore, it is hard to say you have the best plan for playing the lottery and have constantly positive results, but you would probably need a plan to do that anyway. Relying on luck or on your favorite numbers is by far the worst strategy ever. Of course, there are a few exceptions, but I would emphasize the word ‘few’.

The Change Of Perspective

The most difficult thing is to understand that lottery can constantly be beaten without any trick whatsoever. The main obstacle you should overcome is the way you were used to see the lottery game – i.e. as a hobby, a game, a try to hit a jackpot with a few spare bucks or something you might consider to give it a try to. That was so dead wrong. Actually, you need a complete change of the lottery perspective.

From now on, try to see your lottery game as a potential part-time business that will provide you a decent monthly income and that could also repay your efforts with a huge jackpot money. But see it rather as a profitable part-time business, not as a get rich scheme.

You should allocate a few hours of your spare time to think about your new business. Establish a plan, see how much time, effort and money could you afford to invest, make everything that’s up to you to keep that business working and, above all, profitable.

It can be done. I am sure of that, because I have already done it. If you feel you need a reliable guide to help you succeed, I have two e-books for you to recommend: 99 Lottery Wheels and ABC for Lottery. They will catch and skin your lion for you. Good luck with the rest of it!

If you need a guide, here it is.
If you need a guide, here it is.


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    • dicaslotofacil profile image

      dicaslotofacil 5 years ago

      great information I found in your hub, thank you for sharing