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A Daily Deal Site That gives You a Virtual Local Tour

Updated on November 22, 2011 : A brand new way to advertise your products and services.

I believe you all would agree to the power of internet these days. is built on the idea to harness this power that the internet has lent to people. Before you must have advertised by a newspaper campaign or a billboard campaign. Or you might even have tried email, Google Adwords campaigns or advertised your deals on other such ‘Daily Deals’ sites. Price4few blends new ideas with existing ones to create a completely new appealing concept of online advertising and marketing.


What bring at par with all these is its innovative concept of geo-tagging the deals. This is much like street sign but a street sign that the whole world can see. With a concept like this takes the Local to the Global. Customers can check-out your deals on and make the purchase either online or from your shop. P4f also arms you with the power to choose when and for what duration your ads should be online. You can choose to show or hide your deals as and when you wish.

Every time you activate a new offer our email notification is send to the customers. Smartphone and IPhone Application

To keep you connected on-the-go we have launched a Smartphone application. You can post your deals whenever and wherever you stumble-upon an idea. And that also means more people can stay tuned and view your ads. People can check and YOU can promote your deals on-the-go. Now THAT is Mobility for both the Buyers and Sellers!!!

Getting Started

A two-step sign-up process makes it very convenient to get started with promotions on Just register and choose your subscription plan. Voila!! You are ready to start posting your offers right away!

Sky is the limit to what you can advertise on You can offer discounts, sell vouchers or advertise the launch of new special product or service. You suddenly stumbled upon a brand new marketing idea?? With Price4few you have the power to execute any idea.

You would agree newspaper advertising was never so cost efficient nor are the CPC/CPR ads so well-designed to target the desired customer group and unlike other alternatives, high commission on online sales is past.

You have complete power over promotions to choose when to activate/deactivate a deal and the duration it should remain live. You can choose to sell coupons or you can offer limited period discounts. For example if you run a restaurant and are willing to offer a dinner for 2 at a convenient price (say 50USD for meal worth 100USD) you can post:

· Only for the next three hours we offer a romantic dinner for 2 at 50 USD: few tables left. Save 50%

· We have 1 table left at 50 USD for a dinner for 2 - your partner is on the house! hurry up to book.

· Buy a voucher online for a dinner for 2 at 50 USD instead of 100 USD and use it later, or send the voucher to a friend

· Come at the restaurant today between 15 and 16 o'clock to buy a special deal: only 50 USD for a dinner for 2, instead of 100 USD. Come and buy the voucher and use it later this year.

No Advertising Cost!

Having said all let us add one more tool to help you, The Price4few Affiliation Program that can cut down your expense to ZERO. Wondering how does this work? Well for every customer that registers using your referral Price4few gives you 10cent/USD. If you refer 1000 customers you will get a $100 fee reduction.

Invite a Seller to register on and we will give you 20USD for each premium referral.

If you invite 25 Sellers and share your customer database of 1,000 customers, you will have 1 year of free publicity at Our Reward Plan is aimed at sharing the success of our growing network with all our customers.

Some of the Advantages of

· You pay only a fixed fee to publish unlimited offers.If you sign-up for our annual membership you pay less than 50USD monthly saving up to 50%.

· We chargeonly 15% when you sell vouchers online, inclusive of all credit card charges and you will receive the money twice a month i.e. on the 15thand 30th of every month. This gives you a great extra tool to manage your cash flow, as you will get the money before the voucher will be used.

· With our affiliation program you can reduce your advertising cost eventually to zero, simply by referring new friends to P4F.Help us help you (this is not a tough task as everyone from sellers and customers will sign-up and the larger the customer base the better is your ad exposure.)

· Your profile will be indexed on Google and that will also increase your ranking.

· There are no hidden or added costs, so no hidden worries to haunt you afterwards.

· New customers all the time: locals, business people and tourists. You might already have a newsletter or fanpage on Facebook where you post offers to be viewed by your customers. P4F uses Geotagging and can help you reach out to many new customers that live in your locality, businessmen or tourists.

· You get visibility in a system that is expected to grow at a very fast pace and reach1 million potential customers in 1 year.

· Being among the first to join The Map, you will obtain great visibility from all the customers that will join p4f because of the massive advertising campaign we have planned. Maybe we have contacted you directly (we go local – spreading the word around you) or maybe you are reading this page on a friend’s recommendation or you have read about p4f somewhere: as you there are many more reading this page right now!

A worldwide exposure, a huge customer base, a wonderful affiliation program are just a few things that Price4few offers. Those who have joined have witnessed record sales and dramatically reduced advertising costs in a very short time span. So can you!


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