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A Stock Scheme Remedy

Updated on October 10, 2015
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At age 16 I was a volunteer at a hospital bacteriology lab. I became a chemist for U.S. government. Then I studied health & related fields.


Stock prices in stock market.
Stock prices in stock market. | Source

How to remedy a Stock Scheme

A woman in her 70s wanted to know how to find out about stocks that sounded great. This article was written October 10, 2015.

This article tells about a group that sells newsletters and do it by talking about how great a stock sounds.

First I cannot say that buying a certain stock market newsletter is worth it or not. Maybe it is, if you are going to get a lot of speculative stocks. This is specifically about a group that makes a newsletter and sells it. The way that they sell it is by making a stock sound great and that you will make a fortune quickly.

Now first it has happened that people have bought some stock and become rich. So they might talk about them. But that is like watching a show about people who won a million dollar lottery. You know that many people have won a lot of money by buying a lottery tickets. I do not have an opinion about it. Maybe if you have the money, it is worth buying a lottery ticket for the excitement. At least you know that you can win a lot of money but your chances are very low.

So I will start with a definite example that sounded like the greatest thing. It was sent as an email and said:

“‘Sky-Fi’ — Silicon Valley’s $2.2 Trillion Breakthrough Bigger Than The Internet As We Know It” What's Street Authority's "little-known company" with a "near monopoly" on the next internet?

“Much like the railroad, the automobile, and the airplane transformed past centuries, a new technological breakthrough is poised to transform the 21st century…

“And generate trillions of dollars of wealth in the process.

“Eccentric billionaire Elon Musk just pledged to spend billions of dollars on this epic innovation.

Google and Fidelity have kicked in nearly $1 billion.

“Barack Obama has made it one of his top priorities before leaving office.

“And Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is circling the globe meeting with foreign dignitaries about it. He calls it ‘the greatest revolution yet.'”

Then to find out more you are more you are supposed to watch a video of an undisclosed length. It is about 30 minutes long. Then if you want to find out what it is, you have to buy a newsletter subscription for hundreds of dollars. So here is the remedy that I told this woman in her 70s about.

It was to do a search and find on stockgumshoe dot com. But the video has more information about the company like:

“It’s in an incredibly unique position. It’s spent the past 20 years developing over 21,000 patents and locking up not one… but two monopolistic positions.

This company went public in 1991. It was one of the founding companies of the Internet. Its founder rubbed shoulders with the likes of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, and he’s now a billionaire himself.

Over the past two decades, this firm also quietly secured a near monopoly on the mobile chip market.

Samsung, Apple, Nexus, Motorola, Nokia… all of these popular brands and many others use this company’s chips in their phones.

That’s why this company owns about 44% of the mobile chip market. Intel, its nearest competitor, owns just 9%.

Now many of the companies talked about to get you to buy their newsletter are stocks that are worth a couple dollars each. This one costs $58 per share, so it is not a penny stock, but almost 3 months ago it was worth $65 a share.

You can read what stock gumshoe (which is like slang word for detective) says about it HERE. They give its upside and downside. It has both while the ad makes it appear that it has no downside. The company is called Qualcomm Inc. and its stock symbol is QCOM. In the past 3 months, 6 months and year the stock has gone down, Of course don't let anyone day that investing in the stock market is gambling.

Ron Paul has most of his money invested in gold and silver mines. Here is just one paragraph about this company but is has many paragraphs about it.

And more recently, the chipmaking side of the business (as opposed to the royalty-collecting side) lost most of its business from its second largest customer when Samsung decided to start making more of their own mobile chips. That’s bringing down chip sales numbers, though QCOM is still one of the largest chipmakers in the world (probably behind only Intel and Samsung), but it won’t bring down earnings quite as dramatically because the royalty business has much higher margins than the chip business.

So next time that you are only seeing one side of a stock, try the site mentioned above. One time I got a mailing of a booklet about a company that had a better wind turbine or windmill. It said all it needed to do was test out the device in a wind tunnel and make sure it can stand up to the wind. Then it would start manufacturing them. That was the last I heard of them. They probably tested it out and it fell apart. Of course the smaller the stock, the more room for growth that it has. But the smaller the stock, the more riskier it is. Wikipedia says:

Qualcomm Inc. is an American global semiconductor company that designs and markets wireless telecommunications products and services. The company headquarters are located in San Diego, California, United States.

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